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A Discomforting Post

Since it's Sunday, how about a double dose of topics related to religion? The first subject I want to address is that of people considering themselves the "real" or "true" Christians, Muslims, or whatever. Some extremists will even insist that, for instance, Catholics aren't really Christians. But isn't everyone who believes that Jesus is the savior of mankind a Christian? I mean, they might not all be RIGHT in their beliefs (in fact, I personally don't think any of them are), but that doesn't mean they aren't all Christians. I mean, even back in the first century, the early Christians had arguments over certain policies. And, if we're to accept the Biblical account, these included people who had known Jesus personally. Similarly, I'm not so keen on sweeping statements like, "Islam is a religion of peace." Actually, from what I've heard of Muhammad, he was a pretty violent guy. But that's not to say that people haven't adapted his teachings for peaceful purposes. Jesus is presented as a pacifist (except occasionally when it comes to money-changers), but some Christians have used their religion to defend violence. Does that mean that Al Qaeda terrorists aren't real Muslims, and the Crusaders weren't real Christians? Well, obviously, I don't know the personal beliefs of everyone involved in those groups, but as long as the former believe that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet, and the latter excepted Jesus as their savior, then I'd say they were authentic members of their own religions. That's not to say that they should be held as examples of typical followers of those religions, just that it doesn't really work to generalize about religions that already have a bunch of different denominations.

For my second item, travspence linked to this video of Kirk Cameron's Aussie buddy Ray Comfort discussing bananas. I'd heard of this plenty of times before, but hadn't actually seen this clip. Apparently a "well-made banana" (which I suppose means that God makes some crappy bananas for whatever reason) proves the existence of an intelligent creator, because it's so perfectly designed for human consumption. Never mind that bananas have been selectively bred for certain qualities, and that this doesn't hold true for a lot of other fruits. Were they made by some second-rate divine assistant, or perhaps by Satan? I've read that even Comfort himself eventually admitted that the banana argument is a bad one, but he still used it as a significant point in a pamphlet that's reproduced on this page. There are also a few other gems there, like how nobody can REALLY be an atheist, because they can't know FOR SURE that there's no god. Doesn't that also mean there aren't really any theists, because they can't know for sure that there IS a god? I'd say someone should teach this guy the difference between knowledge and belief, but I'm inclined to think he's too far gone. He's starting to make Kent Hovind look like a genius.

Oh, by the way, this is old news, but it's somewhat relevant to the topic. At a Growing Pains reunion on Larry King Live (that guy gets ALL the most significant guests, doesn't he?), Larry asked Kirk Cameron whether he was religious. His answer was something like, "No, I'm a Christian." Um...what?
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