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Here's another post about stuff I wrote as a kid, and it ties in with my first three cats. Interestingly enough, my galaxy project coincided with my getting pets for the first time. My parents split up when I was about ten, and I'd never had a pet before that. I was afraid of dogs, but interested in getting a cat, but I was never allowed. Soon after the break-up, though, my dad adopted a stray cat who had been locked in an abandoned house for a week. I think the experience of going that long without food made him never want to go hungry again, because he ate a lot of cat food. His name was Arthur, and he was a gray tabby, and not really a lap cat. Usually, he'd just sit near people, instead of actually making contact with them. When my dad moved to New Mexico, he took Arthur with him, and I only saw him once after that. He was only ten years old or so when he died of feline leukemia, and I'm not sure how he got that, since I thought the vet gave shots for it.

Not long after this, my mom adopted a two-year-old cat named Cat (her earlier owners must have been really creative :P) from the SPCA. She was a calico, but wasn't as splotchy-looking as calicoes generally are. She was mostly white, and had rather neat brown and black patches. bethje observed that she was colored like a hot fudge sundae. When we got her, she was sick and refused to eat, but she got well again after about a month. She lived pretty long (about sixteen years, I think), but since she had a problem with peeing on things, we kept her in the basement for a lot of the time. I feel bad that we did that, but I'm not sure what else we could have done.

The third cat that I had at the time of the galaxy project was Star. She was a black and white cat with a black nose, who was part of a litter of four kittens born in my mom's friend's house. My dad adopted her, and while Arthur initially hated her encroaching on his territory, it didn't take them too long to become friends. She was kind of neurotic, and was the only cat I've ever known to have been prescribed Valium by a vet. Unfortunately, she didn't live very long, as she was hit by a car during Thanksgiving break when she was only two years old. Poor Star. :(

I was in the fifth grade when we first got all three of these cats, and I was pretty excited about it. I ended up working them into a few things that I wrote, including the aforementioned galaxy project. The Great Galaxy included a cat planet, ruled over by Arthur (hey, he WAS named after a legendary king), and mostly covered in an ocean that contained sections made of cat food. The only continent there was called Meowica, and the four moons were named after Star and her three siblings (although I doubt whoever adopted the other three kept those names).

Please let me know whether you've been enjoying these posts about old writings. I know a lot of you voted that I should make them, but since I haven't gotten any comments, I'm worried that they might not be of interest to anyone else. But then, in fairness, I probably wouldn't be able to think of any way in which to reply to such posts either.

Anyway, in the meantime, here's a survey that I got from slfcllednowhere:

Who's your favorite current politician?: I don't know. I think Obama would make a good president, but I don't know that I'd say he's my favorite.
Do you like scented pencils?: Never used them.
What color are the majority of the hangers in your closet?: Either black or white, I would imagine.
Are you good at Sudoku?: The only time I've ever really tried it was when they put a few in the back of an Oziana, and I solved those pretty quickly.
Is your bed or your dresser closer to your bedroom door?: Bed (which is actually a futon).
Do you think techno music is too repetitive?: Yeah
Do you like one-hit wonder songs?: Some of them. Depends on the song.
What's your favorite kind of popcorn: caramel, cheese, or regular?: Regular, but I'm not really so keen on any kind of popcorn.
Do you get popcorn in tins during Christmastime?: No.

If you have a cat, is it an inside or outside cat?: Inside.
Have you ever collected dolls?: Not dolls, action figures! No, seriously, I never had many of them either, but I did have a fair number of stuffed animals. I actually still do, but not AS many, and most of them are in storage.
How many days until your next birthday?: 51
Have you ever been to a professional hockey game?: No, I don't have the desire to do so, although I'd probably rather go to that than to a football game (American football, that is).
If you have a cell phone, do you still have the instruction manual to it?: Yeah. I just got it recently, but I'm sure I'll keep the instructions, and probably never read them.
Have you ever put together a model car?: No, I lack the patience.
Is there any medicine you enjoy taking?: No, but it doesn't bother me that much, either.
Do you like to babysit?: I've never tried, but I don't think I would.
Do you befriend people that are addicted to drugs?: No, although I guess that wouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker if I liked the person otherwise.
Do you think you talk too much sometimes?: Yes.
Do you ever think that you talk too little?: Again, yes. It totally depends on the situation, and how comfortable I feel.
Do you have a fireplace in your house?: Nope.
Has anybody ever called you rich?: No. Well, mikeleffel DID once call me "Moneybags DeHoff," I guess.
Is there a filing cabinet in the room you're in?: No. I should have one in my bedroom, but it's still out in the hall, because I've been lax about making space for it.
Have you ever created a birthday card for a friend?: Not recently, but I remember occasionally making them for family members when I was a kid. When I was in first grade or so, I made one for my sister that said, "Don't let a bear eat your cake!" Good advice, huh?
Whose birthday is coming up this month on your calendar?: There are only two days left this month, and I don't know of anybody with a birthday on either one.
Are there any toys in your front yard?: Maybe some dog toys.
Do you have a shed?: Well, Beth's family has one behind the house, but I've never been into it.
What does your dad do for a living?: Nothing now, but he was a computer programmer for years.
Are you perverted?: Only a normal, healthy amount. :P
Have you ever had to change a really nasty diaper?: No, and I hope to keep it that way.
Have you ever swam in the Pacific Ocean?: I've never even been to the Pacific Ocean. And the participle of "swim" is "swum."
Do you like the comics you get in your newspaper?: I don't subscribe to a newspaper, but I do appreciate the comics on a certain level, even though I rarely read them except when they're featured on the Comics Curmudgeon.
Do you know anybody who listens to Akon?: No.
Do YOU listen to Akon?: No, although I'll admit that Gwen Stefani song where he did the backing vocals isn't bad.
Disney or Cartoon Network?: If you mean the Disney CHANNEL, then definitely Cartoon Network. It actually has some cool shows, and not just endless repeats of Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Would you rather have a twin the same or opposite gender of you?: Same, I guess.
Do you get antsy when the internet is dead for more than an hour?: Oh, I get antsy when the Internet is dead for much less than that.
How long would it take you to walk to the nearest park?: I'm not sure.
Are you a child of the 90s?: I was twelve when the nineties started, so I guess I was a teenager of the nineties.
Is this survey cliche and boring?: No, I wouldn't be filling it out if it were.
BE HONEST:: All right, I was the one who caused the extinction of the dinosaurs!
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