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Well, gag me with a square and call me Cubie!

Here are two more Captain N episode reviews that I had sitting around in my saved drafts.

In "Quest for the Potion of Power," Princess Zelda contacts the Palace of Power to get help from Captain N. Incidentally, in this series, Zelda has just as bare a midriff as Princess Lana does. Must be the current style for Videoland women. Did you know I've seen Lana/Zelda slash before? I'm sure you didn't want to know that. Well, I guess it's better than, say, Link/Gohma. Anyway, getting back to the show, Kevin and Gameboy travel to Hyrule to accompany Link and Zelda in the search for the Potion of Power, which they hear someone is planning to use to revive Ganon. (They didn't use the bit from Zelda II about the monsters sprinkling Link's blood on Ganon's ashes to bring him back. I wonder why not. :P) Link is Kevin's favorite video game hero, which kind of leads me to wonder why Kevin didn't pay him a visit some time ago. But then, I guess meeting a favorite character WOULD be intimidating. Hey, if I ever ended up in Oz, I'm sure it would take me ages to screw up the courage to visit the Emerald City. Link is jealous of Kevin's heroism, and is constantly arguing with him and trying to outdo him. Nevertheless, the group makes it to the Desert Palace, where they fight monsters to what's presumably supposed to sound like a generic eighties song. Finally, they reach the Golden Key they're looking for, and encounter Horsehead. If I remember correctly, Horsehead in the game is slightly taller than Link. In this cartoon, though, he's a horse enormous enough to put a Clydesdale to shame. Like in the game, however, he's vulnerable on his head, and Kevin takes advantage of this by shooting the ceiling down onto the overgrown pony's pate. After taking a shortcut through a tunnel in a field with a decrepit-looking owl in a tree, they get to the Island Palace, where Gameboy opens a door revealing a really shabby knight. They find the potion, and see that it's guarded by Ironknuckle, who's riding on a horse that looks stuffed. They defeat him, but King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard show up and steal the potion, crossing a bridge that crumbles behind them. Kevin's solution to this is to tell Gameboy to bring back the rest of the N Team (except Lana, for some reason). Fortunately, there's a warp zone that apparently leads to the palace right above them. Funny how convenient it all is. We never find out how they get to wherever Ganon is, but somehow they do, only too late to stop Mother Brain's helpers from giving the potion to the pig-faced wizard. I'm pretty sure that Ganon, like Link and Zelda, has the same voice that he did in the Zelda episodes of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. It's sort of like Krang's in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, constantly switching back and forth from raspy to deep. Ganon refuses to work for Mother Brain (I can't blame him, really), and is just about to put the smackdown on everyone else when Kevin and Link use a bottle of magic potion that Gameboy found in the Island Palace to coat Link's shield. It turns out to be magic that reflects Ganon's magic back at him, hence defeating him. Lucky break for them, since it could have just as easily been invisibility potion, or a cure for hemorrhoids, or an instant spot remover. But then, I guess I can't complain too much, because the same basic plot device happened in The Silver Princess in Oz, when Randy just HAPPENED to put some weapon-turning elixir in his pockets without knowing what it was. And hey, I enjoyed this episode, despite the rushed defeat of Ganon.

While I'm making comparisons with Oz, I have to say that "The Trouble with Tetris" kind of puts me in mind of those themed communities that people are always running into in the Oz books, where everyone is a balloon or a rabbit or a shadow or something, and they make a lot of relevant puns. In this show, the N Team is flying the Warp Wagon through space when they're drawn down to the world of Tetris through the power of the Sacred Square. There, they meet Mayor Squaresly, and we get more square jokes than you can shake a cube at. They also find Lana's missing brother Lyle, a total klutz who's been working as a security guard for the Sacred Square. They meet at a fifties-style restaurant called Cubie's, where a band called the Blockheads plays a song that very closely resembles (but is legally distinct from) "Round Around the Clock." We also get to see King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, who are trying to steal Lyle's key, dressed in yellow and black checkered suits. They don't manage to get the key at the diner, but they do at Lyle's apartment, and Mother Brain shows up to take the Sacred Square (which actually isn't a square, but rather a collection of connected cubes). Lyle stops them by dropping ink on Mother Brain's jar, allowing Kevin to retrieve the Square. Lana invites Lyle back to the palace to serve as her co-ruler, but Lyle decides to remain on Tetris to defend it from Mother Brain.

And here's a quiz result:

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