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Gee whiz, it's the gosh-darned Vice Presidential Debate!

For those of you who missed it, or who just want a review, here's a summary of Sarah Palin's answers at the debate:

"Well, gosh-darn it, in Alaska, the hockey moms are all worried about taxes and energy independence! I might not be answering the questions you ask, or even saying anything remotely relevant, but gee-golly-gosh-a-roonie, I'm talking straight talk to all the Joe Six-Packs. Gee Willikers McGolly-Gosh, I know what it's like to struggle to raise a family! Jeepers W. Creepers, I have a special needs child, darn it to heck!"

She did seem better prepared than for any of her recent television interviews, perhaps because of those notes she kept staring at whenever she wasn't smirking. But she'd probably claim that the media bias made her look bad. You know, because it's totally liberal bias when someone asks you what newspapers you read. Oh, and let's not forget that she says "nucular" now. The hockey moms aren't going to like it if you pronounce it correctly!

By the way, you probably already knew this, but Palin is protected against all forms of witchcraft. That's something we need in a Vice President, isn't it? Personally, I think that preacher went too far, blessing her against ALL kinds of witchcraft. What if she needs a healing spell someday? Then she's TOTALLY screwed! Now, I could see getting protection against Yookoohoo magic, as it's hard to run a state if you've been turned into a green monkey.

Okay, now that I got this post's gratuitous Oz reference out of the way, I have one more thing to address. That's how angry it makes me that BOTH candidates make a point of being against gay marriage. Come on, maybe Palin can't name any newspapers or Supreme Court cases, but she CAN'T be dumb enough to think the junk about protecting traditional marriage is at all valid. But she and Biden just HAVE to try to appease the Religious Right. It's really sad that such is still the case in this day and age.

Okay, I'd better go to bed.
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