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Halloween Meme
arfies tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
bec_87rb swoops on lozenger8 and drains their pumpkin
bethje haunts your cutlery
colbyucb calls colleenanne to let them know the psycho killer's in the back seat
colleenanne puts fake eyeballs in your brains
countblastulacountblastula creates an unholy monstrosity from not_glimmernot_glimmer, slfcllednowhereslfcllednowhere and arfiesarfies
dragonxbait puts apples in your razorblades
lozenger8 buries bethje at the crossroads with a Wings album through their heart
not_glimmer summons the undead armies of bec_87rb to steal your candy
revme eats colbyucb's spicy, spicy brains.
rockinlibrarian carves not_glimmer's effigy in the medium of candy
secretnthewings dresses up as revme
yosef sacrifices dragonxbait's socks
zimbra1006 gives you a toothbrush
LJ Name

It's unlikely that I'll dress up for Halloween this year, which is a shame, because I LIKE dressing up. But I'm too old for trick-or-treating, and I'm not the kind of person who gets invited to parties, so who'd even see my costume?

And while I'm making a post, I might as well review the three Captain N episodes I watched last night.

The Big Game - In this episode, Dr. Wily discovers competition energy, which is generated by playing games, and uses it to power a machine that opens and closes warp zones. In order to gather enough energy, he gives the N Team free passes to the world of California Games. They play various games, and Wily sends in his robots to increase the competition. It backfires, though, as the team no longer finds the games fun with the robots participating. So Wily switches to his backup plan, which involves warping the gym building of Kevin's old school, Northridge High, to California Games. It's presumably a weekend when this happens, as there are only four people inside. There's Rick Walker, captain of the varsity football team and the only one with any brains to speak of. Another football player, who has Simon's facial structure and a voice like an American Dudley Do-Right, is referred to as "Romeo" by Rick, but we never find out whether that's his actual name or a nickname. That is, however, more than we get for the third football player, a big guy who says "duh" a lot. There's also a cheerleader named Stacy, and why she's there for football practice isn't entirely clear, unless it's to service the guys sexually. She does provide some tension, though, as Kevin used to have an unrequited crush on her. Now that he's a big-shot hero, she's actually kind of interested in him, which bothers Lana. Wily challenges the N Team and the California kids to a game, with him and Mother Brain getting control of Videoland if his team wins. (The Brain doesn't really do much in this episode, which features Wily as the main evildoer, but we DO get to see her ride a motorcycle.) Sound familiar? Yeah, it's pretty much the same stakes as in "Videolympics," and once again, the REAL plan is to send the N Team to another deadly warp zone. This time, it's the Earthquake Zone. Mother Brain has already tried banishing members of the team to the Warp Zone to Oblivion, the Black Hole Warp Zone, the Nightmare Zone, and, in the comics, the Happy Zone. Does she have a checklist of deadly warp zones to try? Maybe if the series had kept running, we would have found out about the Arsenic Zone, the Mucus Zone, the Toilet Zone, and the Obscene Amounts of Raspberry Jell-O Zone. Anyway (I use that word a lot of these reviews, don't I?), the good guys agree to play football, and the opposing team turns out to be made up of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 (although we never see Flash Man, for some reason). Mega Man helps his teammates out by getting them some of those floating platforms from the game, as well as a walker for Rick. (I wonder if that was an intentional parallel with his last name.) Meanwhile, Lana reroutes Wily's Warp Zone Shifter, so that it sends Mother Brain's group into the Garbage World. Stacy and the jocks return to California, but Kevin decides to remain in Videoland. Honestly, I don't see what the point of Wily's bringing Kevin's old schoolmates to California Games was, but it was interesting to see some more people from our world in Videoland.

The Lost City of Kongoland - In Kongoland, the lost city of plants built by the witch doctor Konga is rising again, after 1000 years. Funny how these things that are prophesied to happen after some round number of years always end up occurring during the course of the show, isn't it? Prince Plenty goes to report this to the Palace of Power, where Lana is currently trying to settle an argument over a cow (yeah, another one; someone on the writing staff must have a thing for bovines) between two people who are apparently unable to open their eyes. Lana tries to use the King Solomon trick and tells them to divide the cow between them, but it doesn't work. After Plenty shows the N Team the tale of Konga on a hologram-projecting crystal, they all go to Kongoland to find the headdress that holds Konga's power. During a fight over the artifact with Mother Brain's goons, it ends up on Lana's head, and she is possessed with the mind and powers of the witch doctor. Using Konga's magic, she produces a bunch of plant monsters to take over the jungle. At one point, Eggplant Wizard joins her to trap Donkey Kong, in an attempt to get the headdress for Mother Brain. This ends up being kind of a non-starter, though, aside from the fact that it gives Donkey Kong a reason to fight alongside the N Team, after Kevin and Kid Icarus set him free. Lana eventually overcomes the hat's power (they don't make mind-control helmets like they used to), and Donkey Kong smashes it, thereby destroying the lost city and the plant monsters. The team then returns home, to find that the people with the permanently closed eyes have agreed to share the cow, and they congratulate her on the first anniversary of her rule. I guess that pretty much indicates how long King Charles has been missing, doesn't it? Not one of my favorite episodes, and there wasn't even much reason for Mother Brain to even be in it, but it was nice to see Donkey Kong and the N Team on the same side for a little while.

Once Upon a Time Machine - This is kind of a weird episode, as it's based on the fairly obscure game Puss 'n' Boots: Pero's Great Adventure, which in turn was based on an anime series, which doesn't appear to have much to do with the Charles Perrault story that provided its name. Kevin and Link team up with Pero after his arch-enemy, the aristocratic pig Count Gruemon, steals Captain N's Power Pad and Zapper to power his time ship. Pero and his companions start out in the Old West, and use a series of time warps to visit a pirate ship (captained by Long John Slither, a snake with a hook at the end of his tail), London, and 1920s New York City. Gruemon's assistant, Dr. Gari-Gari, seals the last warp, so Pero steals the time ship, with the bad guys stowing away on the bottom. He considers leaving Kevin and Link in the lurch, but thinks better of it, and returns the Captain's power items. Despite the fact that I'm not familiar with the source game, I did enjoy this episode. It was cool to see Link involved in an adventure somewhere other than Hyrule, and Kevin not having access to his usual items provided him with a challenge. Yes, they already used this premise in "Metroid Sweet Metroid," but that was in a world filled with power-ups of its own, which doesn't appear to be the case with Pero's world.
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