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Brave men die a single death. Cowards marry fish-head mermaids.

Here are four more Super Mario Bros. 3 episode reviews. I'm getting close to finishing with this series, but I'll still have the rest of Captain N to go after that, as well as Super Mario World.

Up, Up, and a Koopa - Kooky's newest invention, the Koopa-Doopa Raiser-Upper, levitates everything into the Mushroom Kingdom up into Sky Land. When Bowser overloads it, though, everything returns to the ground, including Emperor Ed, the ruler of Sky Land whom the Koopas had captured. Ed is actually one of my favorite minor characters in this series, probably due to his dry, rambling manner of speaking. Mario and Luigi use raccoon power to return Ed to his castle, and then head for the Doomship to destroy the Raiser-Upper. King Koopa gets the drop on them, though, trapping them in the same cage that had formerly held the Emperor. Fortunately, the Princess has two P-Wings (the only ones to appear in the cartoon) in a golden chest (despite the fact that it's blue when it's first shown) in the basement of her castle. Unfortunately, her basement is full of junk. Her excuse is, "You can't expect me to rule a kingdom and have time to take out the garbage, too." Where's Wooster when you need him? It takes a jolt from the now-repaired Raiser-Upper to reveal the room in which the wings are hidden, and the Princess and Toad proceed to use them. Toad has trouble flying, but Peach comforts him by pointing out, "It's not like you're on television with millions of people watching you." (Ha-ha, meta-humor.) With this show, she might be right. Maybe not, though, as it originally aired back when Saturday morning cartoons were still a big thing. Getting back to our story, though, the Princess and Toad rescue the Mario Brothers, and the four of them take the Raiser-Upper, using it to restore the Mushroom Kingdom and send the Doomship flying off into the distance.

Seven Continents for Seven Koopas - Bowser sends each of his Koopalings to one of the continents of our own Earth to cause trouble, which they do, some in rather pointless ways (Big Mouth builds a giant snowman to terrorize penguins in Antarctica, and Bully paints graffiti on the Great Wall of China), and others more effectively (Cheatsy transforms all the people in Australia into kangaroos, except one whom he turns into a shrimp to be eaten by crocodiles). As usual, the local authorities do absolutely nothing about this, and it's up to the Mario Brothers to fix things. The only problem is that Kooky's Koopa Clogger has blocked all of the warp pipes out of the Mushroom Kingdom, making it impossible for the Marios to get to the Real World. It's lucky for them (and for the world, I suppose) that the Koopas had captured Princess Toadstool, totally by accident for a change, as she happened to be in the lake that they were draining in order to cool down the Doomship's engine. She tricks a Bob-omb into destroying the Koopa Clogger, allowing the Mario team to save the day while a bad song about being a hurricane (which had earlier appeared in a shorter version in "A Toadally Magical Adventure") plays. Toad goes along with him, but he isn't shown defeating any of the Koopas. Although there wasn't really too much to this episode, I liked the idea of each Koopaling being assigned a continent, and some of the things they did there were amusing.

Mush-Rumors - This was always one of my favorite episodes of this show. It features a generic American family accidentally driving into a warp to the Mushroom Kingdom, and reacting in what I think is a much more realistic way than Junior in "Misadventures in Babysitting," who takes to the strange locale pretty much immediately. This family is utterly confused, and unsure what's going on. One mushroom boy, seeing the father behind a cloud of smoke from his car's engine, assumes that the visitors are aliens, and starts spreading the rumor around (hence the title of the episode). One of his reasons for thinking that they're aliens is apparently that they have hair on their heads, which would be funnier if it weren't for the fact that he's standing right next to two mushroom women with hair when he says this. The rumor eventually gets around to the Koopas, who have seen humans before, but explain this by saying that the aliens took on human forms. Mario and Luigi save them from the Koopas' attacks, with the help of some frog suits (accompanied by the second song in the series about them, which I like better than the other one, but that's not saying much) and an invincibility star, but Bowser ends up capturing them and taking them to his castle, where Kooky hooks them up to his Transmutational Brainwave Analyzer. The Mario Brothers show up to rescue them, and the Koopas come to realize that the people weren't aliens after all.

The Ugly Mermaid - This is the only episode to start with the Water Land map, although for some reason it plays the music from the underwater stages themselves rather than Water Land's map music. King Koopa has a new weapon, the Doomsub, which is pretty similar to the Koopilus from "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea." It has more firepower, though, and Bowser is using it to try to take over the underwater city of Mertropolis. The Mario team is there to stop them, though, all in frog suits. This is the only time we see the Princess and Toad in such suits, and it looks kind of weird. Peach's suit has eyelashes on its frog eyes (at least when the animators remember to draw them), and Toad's is in two pieces (one for his body, and another for his mushroom cap). A blast from the sub traps Mario in a block of cement, but he's saved by Holly Mackerel, the Princess of Mertropolis. Like her fellow Mertropolitans, Holly is a reverse mermaid, with the fish part on top. Since they have legs, the city itself is filled with air and isolated from the water, but the fact that they have gills means that they need to put fishbowls on their heads to breathe. It's a wonder this species didn't die out years ago. Holly thinks Mario is an actual frog, and wants to marry him. (I guess she's okay with inter-species breeding.) Mario's near-death experience has made him terrified of the water, so he remains in the city and tries to ward off Holly's advances while his friends go off to stop the Doomsub. Once they're captured by Bowser's Nasty Nets, and the Koopa King Bob-ombs the dome surrounding Mertropolis, Mario overcomes his fear and drives off the Doomsub with a batch of Jelectros. It'll be back again in a later episode, though, so never fear. Oh, and Holly eventually decides she doesn't want to marry Mario because he looks ugly in a fishbowl.
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