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The Tree, the Triforce, and the Trojan War

Here are three more Captain N reviews, for your viewing pleasure.

The Feud of Faxanadu - Ah, I remember Faxanadu. My brother and I rented it once, but we couldn't get very far. From what I've read, the name is actually a combination of "FamiCom" (the Japanese name for the Nintendo Entertainment System) and "Xanadu" (where Kubla Khan did a stately pleasure-dome decree). In this episode, the N Team arrives on the world of Faxanadu after inadvertently destroying the Palace of Power's football field through overly competitive play. The two teams (one made up of Kevin, Duke, and Game Boy; the other of Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus, and Mega Man) challenge each other in a race to find the warp home, and each team gets involved with a different group of natives. Kevin's team (along with Princess Lana, who was serving as the referee for the game) meets the elves, who have blue skin and pointed ears, and are ruled by an Elvis impersonator. Simon's new allies, the dwarves, have green skin and big noses (but no beards, for some reason; didn't the artists realize that's pretty much the universal token of dwarfhood?), and a green-haired queen with a Brooklyn accent. The Queen buys a key to the World Tree, but Kevin steals it from her. Mega Man solves the problem by using a few gold coins and the imprint of the key in the ground to make a new key, which I'll admit is a pretty neat trick. The two feuding groups make it to Mist Town, where Kevin races an elf named Snelf in the Elf Challenge, a sort of obstacle course, in order to win his ruby ring. The song that plays during this race is the same one they've used to replace all of the copyrighted songs on the DVDs, but with words this time. Kevin wins, but Simon uses a vacuum cleaner to take the ruby ring away. Lana eventually gets the ring, and admits both groups to the location of a magic crystal that controls earth, fire, air, and water. (Whether it can also summon Captain Planet is left unspecified.) The elves and dwarves had fought over possession of this crystal for years, but its half-dwarf and half-elf creator and keeper Dwelf kept it hidden so they couldn't use it against each other. Around this time is when the villain of the episode, called simply "The Evil One" (and you can tell he's evil because his head keeps changing color) shows up to steal the crystal and use it against everybody else. The elves and dwarves learn that they have to work together to defeat evil, the crystal ends up being destroyed, and the Evil One flies away while claiming that we haven't seen the last of him. Actually, though, we have, at least as far as this series goes.

Having a Ball - This time, Mother Brain has sent King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to steal the Triforce from Hyrule. They mess up, of course, triggering the alarm, and she fires them. They do manage to escape before Zelda shows up, though, so she thinks it's just a malfunction, and turns off the alarm system. Meanwhile, Eggplant decides that he and Hippo can join the N Team, which could have made for an interesting plot, but it never comes to pass. Instead, Lana decides on the spur of the moment to throw a royal ball, and invites the two goons, who are disguised as wandering minstrels, to play there. They actually don't, though, instead showing up dressed as a couple, with Hippo as the woman, and Simon dancing with him at one point. Also attending the ball are Bayou Billy (I guess the fact that a hick in a monster truck gets invited to a fancy dress party shows that Videoland can be quite egalitarian in some situations), Dr. Light, Prince Plenty, and of course Zelda and Link. Since they're at the palace and the alarms are off, Hippo and Eggplant take the opportunity to steal the Triforce, although they accidentally drop the Triforce of Wisdom. Using their newly found power to command Ganon's minions, they have a party at the Island Palace, which involves a Moblin band, lots of food, and a kick line of Rockette-like tomatoes. Not all that dangerous, really, but the psychic link between Zelda and the Triforce makes her collapse at Lana's ball, so the two princesses, Kevin, and Link travel to Hyrule to restore the set. Zelda banishes Hippo and Eggy from her kingdom, but Mother Brain takes them back, so I guess things work out all right for everyone.

The Trojan Dragon - The second episode based on the first Dragon Warrior game. I think it would have been cool if they'd done a Dragon Warrior II episode, but it looks like that game hadn't been released in North America until after the writing for this season was most likely completed (although it had been out in Japan for almost four years by then), and it might have been difficult for them to base an episode on a game that takes place a century after the first anyway. This was the first DW episode I saw (I didn't know about "Three Men and a Dragon" until later), so as a fan of the game, I was excited about it. It starts out with a buck-toothed dragon trying to hatch a golden egg. Based on its voice, I would think this is a male dragon, but maybe only males can lay golden eggs, sort of like how a basilisk has to be hatched by a rooster. In order to hatch it, this dragon steals the Sunstone that provides energy for the Palace of Power, and the N Team has to get it back. Game Boy remains behind to power the defense systems, claiming that the power surge created by the dragons' theft would keep him running for twelve hours. I'm not sure I believe that, since the original Game Boy ate batteries pretty quickly, but at least that means he's not going to feature much in this episode. On Dragon's Den, the team fights a group of Slimes, who attack by spitting out acidic glop. In fairness, I suppose we never really find out how Slimes DO attack, so it's a possibility that it's done like on this show. When the heroes see a bunch of dragons flying overhead, Kevin has the idea to build a decoy dragon to sneak into Dragonlord's stronghold, citing the Trojan Horse as an inspiration. Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go to the Dragonwood Forest in Hyrule to accomplish that, getting help from Link and Zelda in doing so. While they build the dragon, we hear a song that sounds kind of like "Working in a Coal Mine," and one shot shows Kevin and Lana participating. Hey, artists, how about paying some attention to the plot? The actual Kevin and Lana buy some fairy water, and follow a map to the Cave of the Axe Knight. Hey, another enemy from the original DW! Like Donkey Kong and Horsehead, the Axe Knight looks to be gigantic. Kevin uses his Pause button to get past the Knight and take the Flame Sword and Silver Shield from a treasure chest. As it turns out, he only uses the shield to cross a lake of lava, and doesn't use the sword at all, so this sub-quest turns out not to be that useful. The others (not including Link and Zelda) show up in their constructed dragon, which is actually pretty impressive, even being able to fly and breathe fire. It is a bit dumpy-looking, but Dragonlord takes this as a sign that this new dragon is a battle-scarred veteran, so it works out all right. The problem arises when Simon's claustrophobia gets the best of him, and he has to leave the dragon, right in front of Dragonlord. So the ruler of the dragons puts the Cursed Necklace on Simon, saying that it'll make him the first victim of the golden dragon. The Cursed Necklace is actually an item in the game, but it's very difficult to find, and I've never managed to obtain it. The golden egg hatches, and the newborn golden dragon immediately uses the Sunstone to reach adult size, and begins chasing Simon. The N Team uses the fairy water to remove the necklace (something it can't do in the games) and drop it onto Dragonlord. In a panic, he throws it at the golden dragon, destroying it. So much for that plan. And that's the last we'll see of the real Dragonlord, although I think he reappears as a robot in the next episode. I guess we'll see in my next review.
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