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Wombatman Forever

So, I'm now finished re-watching Season 2 of Captain N: The Game Master, and here are my reviews of the last three episodes:

I Wish I Was a Wombatman - It's an episode centered around Wombatman, the Videoland TV hero who made a brief appearance in "The Most Dangerous Game Master." Even though Simon Belmont called the show (or perhaps just the movie) his favorite in that episode, this time it's Kid Icarus who's the mega-fan. The show is made on the world of Marblopolis, presumably based on the game Marble Madness. Since this game was most likely even more difficult to make into a coherent plot than Tetris, the marble theme is generally only in the background. It's also filmed live, which is odd for an action show, but it's necessary for the plot impetus to make sense. A giant robot is attacking the TV crew (which includes a squid-like director with one eye and a German accent, and an octopus makeup lady who gets a crush on Simon), so the N Team shows up to stop it. Not surprisingly, the robot was the work of Mother Brain, who's taken over the Marblopolis computer system, and even forced Wombatman himself to help her by kidnapping his girlfriend Nikki. (Incidentally, Mother Brain was voiced by the recently deceased Levi Stubbs, who got a chance to do a lot of the villain's maniacal laughter in this episode.) Kid Icarus is disappointed that Wombatman no longer does his own stunts, instead leaving them up to stunt-bots, but the entire team takes him up on his offer to take a studio tour. Mother Brain tries to destroy the team with robotic versions of Dragonlord and Donkey Kong, and when they fail, uses a giant marble. Seems like the Brain is running out of ideas. Well, okay, it's not an ordinary marble, but one with accessories including a magnet, a vacuum cleaner, and a hose that sprays an oily substance. Still, she's had much better schemes in the past. Still, the marble captures everyone in the team except for Icarus, who convinces Wombatman to return to his heroic roots and save the day. After they've succeeded, Wombatman offers Pit a job as his sidekick, but he decides he wants to remain as a real hero instead. The plot to this one was pretty weak, but I did kind of like Wombatman himself.

The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers - Another episode based on an unlikely game, this one takes place primarily on News World, the world of Paperboy. Julio, the paperboy himself, calls in the N Team to deal with the zombies in his neighborhood. See, Dr. Wily used some hypnotic sap from Kongoland to make a special ink that enables Mother Brain to control anyone who reads instructions printed in this ink, as well as any machine on which the ink is sprayed. I guess that explains why the suburban citizens in the game are so eager to injure the paperboy, but it doesn't address the Grim Reaper or the mini-tornado. They don't show up in this episode, though. The hypnotic spell doesn't work on Julio himself, as he's totally illiterate, because he's been skipping school to make money. I have a hard time buying this explanation. First of all, he can't even read basic words, even though I'm sure he didn't have his paper route in kindergarten. And since when is paperboy a full-time job? I doubt the newspaper would be all that likely to let kids skip school to deliver papers. Getting back to the episode, though, the N Team finds out that another kind of sap will reverse the zombification spell, so Simon, Mega Man, and Game Boy go to Kongoland to gather it. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard manage to hypnotize both Simon and Mega Man, and they then infect the rest of the team, except for Kevin, Duke, and Game Boy. These three, with help from Julio, use some papers printed with ink made from the antidote sap to save the town, and we learn that Julio's father got a new job. Despite the fact that Julio's excuse for his illiteracy doesn't make much sense, I do have to congratulate the writers for managing to squeeze out an actual story from a game without much of a plot.

Germ Wars - This is essentially the obligatory Fantastic Voyage episode of the show, taking place largely inside Kevin's body. Captain N catches a video virus from a prehistoric Kongoland rock. This normally wouldn't be a big deal, but since Kevin's immune system hasn't adapted to Videoland diseases, he needs help. So Kid Icarus uses a shrinking arrow to shrink himself, Lana, Simon, and Mega Man, allowing them all to enter Kevin's body. Inside, Kevin's life force (basically a tiny version of Kevin himself) is fighting off the virus, whose name is Viroid. Viroid and his assistant, an infected cell, send stomach acid, fat cells, and germs that also look like Kevin after the team, but they succeed anyway. At one point, Mega Man uses some swallowed gum to blow a bubble and float out of Kevin's stomach. Does that mean that Mega Man breathes out helium? We never really find out. Meanwhile, Duke and Game Boy have gone to Faxanadu to find an elixir that can cure Captain N. Their journey through the World Tree is accompanied by a song that sort of resembles "Satisfaction," and we get scenes of Game Boy knocking out some porcupine-like monsters with ping-pong balls (perhaps the coolest thing he ever does in the series), and Duke buying some armor. Anyway, with Dr. Light's help (since when does he practice medicine?), the team kills Viroid and heals Kevin.

And that's it for this season. There's still one more to go, but because of some weird legal issues, it's not in the so-called complete series set, but rather in the set with the Super Mario World cartoon. Luckily for you, I DO have this set, but I think I might take a break before inundating your friends pages with any more of these reviews.
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