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It is time for stormy weather

If you're bored, why not take a look at the new Chick Tract? It's called "Somebody Angry?", suggesting that Jack has forgotten how grammar works, and it just gets stupider from there. Do you want to know what he blames for the most devastating hurricanes and other natural disasters of the past few years? Homosexuals? Good guess, but no. It's the national policy on Israel! And really, who better to tell us how to interact with Israel than a guy who draws all of his villains as Jewish caricatures? According to that text box near the end, every time the American government made concessions to the Palestinians, a terrible storm came up. And for some reason, Chick describes the destruction caused by these storms in terms of cost, and not human beings killed or left homeless. I thought you were supposed to be pro-life, Jack! Anyway, as bethje pointed out when I told her about this tract on the phone, wasn't there some warning as to the arrival of these storms BEFORE the perceived slights to Israel? Storms are unpredictable to an extent, but everything they do is in accord with natural laws. Now, if a storm appears out of nowhere with no build-up whatsoever and then just as suddenly stops, or the rain consisted of ice cream and gumballs, THEN I might start paying heed to the arguments that they're messages from God. As for Israel, I can't say I have the same unconditional support for the nation that the older generations seem to. As I was growing up, I always heard about attacks on Israel, but also attacks BY Israelis on their neighbors. But I guess I have to believe that Israel can do no wrong, because the Bible includes some propaganda saying that God gave that land to the Hebrews, even though there were already people living there (apparently largely consisting of laughing giants in kilts, if this tract is any indication), and the kingdom at its height probably never ACTUALLY reached to the Euphrates. Oh, except the Bible says the Jews killed Jesus, so now I don't know WHAT to think. Oh, wait, I see. All the Jews who survive Armageddon will convert to Christianity, and Jesus will rule from Jerusalem. I'm not entirely sure why we have to start preparing for that now, when God is supposed to have planned a whole bunch of plagues to take care of anyone who opposes this idea, but no one has ever said Chick's beliefs were particularly consistent.

Another thing I came across more or less randomly (by which I mean there WAS a series of events that led to it, but they're not at all important), was something about Hindus being angry about Heidi Klum dressing up as the goddess Kali. I mean, I can't say I have any particular affection for Frau Klum (although a supermodel marrying a notoriously ugly guy (which didn't work out so well for Christie Brinkley, but hey) might well serve as an inspiration to all the guys who feel they're too unattractive to get girlfriends), but it's not exactly Prince Harry wearing an SS uniform, is it? I've generally thought of Hinduism as a pretty liberal religion, aside from that caste business, but I haven't really heard of Christians getting steamed over someone dressing up as Jesus. Then again, you'd probably get a fatwah against you if you dressed up as Muhammad. Anyway, do modern Hindus really think Kali is a blue woman, any more than modern Christians actually think God is a bearded dude on a cloud?
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