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Get out of my swamp, you kids!

So, bethje and I saw Bender's Game. It was really quite different from the other two movies so far, but I get the impression that the writers wanted to do something fun rather than story-advancing. We did get some back story for dark matter being used as fuel, though. I wonder what they're going to use now. Several references on the show make it clear that there has been interstellar travel for more than thirty-odd years, so there must have been some kind of fuel used before the Professor's experiment. Oh, and by the way, if robot slavery was only ended less than forty years previously, then was John Quincy Adding-Machine (the first robot President of Earth) a fairly recent figure in the Futurama world?

More than the previous two movies, this one seemed like it was basically two episode ideas (the dark matter stuff and Bender's fantasy sequence) combined into one because, well, there's no call for twenty-some-minute episodes now. Still, they did a decent job at tying the two of them together, and I liked the fantasy part more than I thought I would. I mean, I'm a fantasy fan anyway, so I was pretty much guaranteed to get some laughs out of it, but I was concerned about how well they'd fit it into the context of the show, and how much of the episode would be fantasy. As it turned out, they did a pretty good job with the former (kind of akin to the Anthologies of Interest, really), and there was a fair amount of plot aside from the Cornwood part. I'm not sure how it stacks up with the first two movies, since it's been a while since I watched them. Based on memory, I'd say it's probably my least favorite of the three, but that's not saying too much. They were all good, really.
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