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Stolen Verse

Here's an interesting meme that I got from travspence:

Put your MP3 player thingy on shuffle and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results.

It can sometimes be a little hard to judge exactly what should be considered the first line, but here's what I came up with:

Sleep in the flowerbed with rocks and stones
Where you been? Where you been? It's the same old question again
Old people in the cemetery, what must they be thinking of?
Sad as a painted clown, a beautiful boy in an ugly town
Last night, he could not make it
Once, my dear, is not enough
You're like sugar to my salt
Well, I thought about the army. Dad said, "Son, you're fucking high."
Softly the crystals falling on 17th Street do their dance and die and are gone
I saw you holding hands with some guy wearing light blue Dockers pants
Don't listen to Linda, she's said all those things before
If you know that I'm not lying, you know how hard I'm trying to live again as I lived back then
People, people, this is a poll
It's early morn, the birds are gone
Meet James Ensor, Belgium's famous painter
I believe you when you say you're alone in every way
Baby got going on a southern train
I'm hearing the light from the window
It's so cold outside, I almost love you again
Moon over the freeway, catch us as we ride
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