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Holy shit! World peace! All right!

So, it's Monday, and I'm not working! Hooray! I DO have to go get my oil changed today, though. Well, my CAR'S oil, that is. I don't use oil for my person. Anyway, bethje saw Stella live in Glenside last night. The opener was Eugene Mirman, whom we'd seen before with Michael Showalter and Leo Allen, and he was just as funny this time. It was the first night of the Stella tour, and the guys flubbed a few lines, but it was a great show nonetheless. In case you didn't already realize this, I tend to appreciate absurd humor. As an encore, they performed Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" with nonsense lyrics. After the show, the three of them signed stuff, but only one of them spoke to us. There was a long line for this signing, too, so I think I'll borrow a word from Beth, and say it was anticlimactic. Once we had left the theater, I told Beth she should have mentioned to Michael Ian Black how she'd held his sandwich once (which is true).

While I was at the Keswick, I bought tickets to Aimee Mann's Christmas show, and I feel stupid that I didn't ask whether there were any cheaper seats. Oh, well. I guess we'll get a good view this way. And the little advertising slip for the show says that Nellie McKay will be there, so that's cool. Oh, and speaking of Aimee, are there any publicity photos of her where she DOESN'T look gloomy?
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