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I know our posters say "think differently," but our real slogan is "no refunds"

So, I saw Sunday night's Simpsons and American Dad episodes. The former wasn't too bad as far as recent episodes go, but the plot was very predictable. The subplot wasn't integrated that well either, but I did enjoy some of the swipes at Apple, obvious though they might have been. (Not that I have any particular dislike for Apple, but I can't quite understand people thinking they're some kind of hippie anti-company.) American Dad wasn't one of the better episodes in recent memory, but it was pretty funny. I liked seeing some largely forgotten characters from earlier episodes, like the mountain man and his Jewish wife. And Roger as the Phantom was pretty good.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow, but there isn't anything else going on that I know of. That probably means you're going to see more useless entries from me. I'm sure you're all thrilled, right? :P
Tags: american dad, simpsons, television

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