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Seven Sagas for Seven Brothers

For my video game post this week, I'm going to take a look at:

That's right, The 7th Saga, a game developed by Enix (long before they merged with Square) for the Super Nintendo. I'm not sure what the first six sagas were, but the number seven is significant in this game, as it involves the seven apprentices of King Lemele of Ticondera searching for seven magical runes. And Lemele must have been a supporter of affirmative action, as these apprentices are a warrior, a cleric, a dwarf, an elf, a robot, an alien, and a demon. Each has their own reason for seeking the runes, and you control one of them. You can recruit another apprentice as your partner, as long as your personalities don't clash too heavily, but all of the others will become competitors. And when you fight them, it can be difficult, as they seem to grow stronger at pretty much the same rate you do, and they'll steal all of the runes you've obtained so far if you lose. In fact, the game in general is pretty hard, and I was never able to get much of anywhere in it. It was an interesting concept, though. And I actually DID see the end, thanks to my brother continuing someone else's game on the rental copy from the drugstore. Without spoiling too much (not that I imagine there are too many people chomping at the bit to play this game), I'll say it involves a time loop. It's sort of like the one in the original Final Fantasy, but it makes more sense.
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