Nathan (vovat) wrote,


  • 10:07 Why do dreams have to make simple tasks so frustrating? #
  • 10:37 I'm not sure what program I should use to cut a few seconds from the end of a song. Sound Recorder won't open for me. #
  • 10:42 @colleenanne It's more often trouble using a computer, but I remember one where I couldn't hang up the phone. #
  • 11:46 I just opened the bedroom door to let one cat leave, and the other one came in. Changing of the guard, perhaps? #
  • 11:55 If anyone wants to see @amandapalmer dressed in various costumes, try this: #
  • 12:43 The Most Annoying Song Ever #
  • 12:43 I've heard MUCH more annoying songs. That just sounds like college radio, really. #
  • 12:52 My first mix of 2009 #
  • 13:03 This is all Greek to me. Or is it Chinese? #
  • 13:54 @colleenanne I can recall something similar happening in one of mine. #
  • 17:41 @twobitme It bothers me that Dairy Queen no longer sells Misty Coolers. #
  • 18:43 @twobitme I think they still have the Mr. Misty slush, but not the Misty Coolers. I could be wrong, though, or maybe it's regional. #
  • 19:38 Top Ten Video Game Opening Themes #
  • 20:42 Another character by the guy behind the Nostalgia Critic #
  • 21:12 @eehouls I agree. #
  • 00:02 Psaro kicked my party's asses, but he didn't kick them quite as hard as I would have thought. #
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