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Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Even if I haven't played any of the games myself, I am at least familiar with most of the classic video game series. I never really got into Castlevania, but I know about the Belmonts and Alucard (although I don't think he was original with the game series). There are some classic series that I just never really gained much of frame of reference about, including Double Dragon and Ninja Gaiden. Mortal Kombat was another one that never interested me that much; it really just seemed like Street Fighter with more gore (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that). I never felt like I was missing all that much, really. But one series I've always thought looked interesting but have never really seen much of is Kirby.

Basically, Kirby is a pink puffball from the planet Pop Star, who is able to suck up enemies like a vacuum cleaner. This guy would probably even be able to best Yoshi in an eating contest. The only Kirby game I can recall seeing played was Kirby's Adventure, which my brother rented and won (the games are all pretty easy, from what I hear). In this one, he gained the ability to copy the powers of the enemies he ate. Oh, and his nemesis is a penguin with a giant hammer. How cool is that?

Next week, I think I'll cover another another popular Nintendo series that features cute creatures beating the crap out of each other, and that I like pretty well but never became a big fan of. I refer, of course, to Pokémon.
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