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Final Fantasy Connections

In the earlier games of the Final Fantasy series, there doesn't appear to be any real connection between the plots and settings, although there are plenty of recurring elements. Each new game takes place in a world with totally different continents and kingdoms, yet a lot tends to remain the same. It was only relatively recently that Square started making direct sequels to games, as they did with both FF10 and 12. Also, FF12 is specifically stated to take place on Ivalice, the same world as the Final Fantasy Tactics games and another Square project called Vagrant Story. And the first FF Tactics includes the extras known as Wonders, which include locations from all of the first six games in the series. The descriptions sometimes do a bit of retconning to fit these locations into the new game world, but it could be seen as an indication that all of the FF worlds really ARE the same.

The thing is, the continents being in different places in different games doesn't necessarily mean anything, when you take into account that the world has powerful enough magic to shift the land around. Kefka did it in FF6, and FF5 has an entire world that was split into two and fused back together. Of course, it would mean the world had been through a LOT in the past few thousand years, probably with the people often starting pretty much from scratch afterward. I believe there are a few different stories of how airships originated, but maybe they were just rediscovered and recreated multiple times. The very first FF has the Light Warriors discovering an airship made by a highly advanced lost civilization. And there's some fun to be had in tying the various similar elements together, like how there are members of the Highwind family in FF2, 4, and 7. Even oddities like the town of Mysidia existing in FF2 and 4, but there being no sign of it in 3, can potentially be explained away. Maybe the new town of mages was named after the old one, or wizards were able to restore the old town from the past. That said, however, I don't think the makers of the earlier games really MEANT for them to be one and the same world. But that's why crazy fan theories were invented, isn't it? {g}
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