Nathan (vovat) wrote,


  • 01:14 Reagan comes running when I get out the wet cat food, but I have to carry Wally to it before he'll eat it. #
  • 08:45 The only living pig in Afghanistan #
  • 09:25 The tech at the CVS had a conventionally pretty look. I guess if the pharmacy tech thing doesn't pan out, she could get into modeling. #
  • 09:28 When thinking of umbrella songs, my mind tends to go to the Hollies' "Bus Stop" before the Rihanna song. #
  • 09:28 I had a dream that involved something disturbing happening at an @amandapalmer concert, but I can't remember what. #
  • 09:29 Another dream had me playing Scattergories with my dad, but the game we started playing wasn't anything like Scattergories. #
  • 16:10 Firefighters prepare to confront Jesus
    (link from @kidicarus222) #
  • 16:12 Dying is easy. It's living that's hard. #
  • 21:17 @eehouls Is that Santa during the off-season? #
  • 21:33 @mattie_bloomers Happy birthday! #
  • 21:33 I had a burger with a fried egg on it at Red Robin. That's sort of a gateway to the Good Morning Burger, isn't it? #
  • 21:34 The burger probably wasn't soaked in rich creamery butter, though. #
  • 21:34 When we were leaving, they called "Dorothy, party of three." I wonder if she was there with Betsy Bobbin and Trot. {g} #
  • 21:35 Speaking of which, today is the anniversary of when Jinnicky was inadvertently pulled out of the ocean by the fisherman Bloff. #
  • 21:48 @poisonyoulove Heh, on my Twitter page, this appears right under my own unrelated tweet about classic rock and cavemen. How eerie! #
  • 21:50 @DVDBoxSet I thought Spock only got horny every seven years, or something like that. #
  • 21:50 @colleenanne Good idea! #
  • 21:51 @DVDBoxSet I can see SOME similarities, but I don't think Spock is a total douche like Dr. Manhattan. #
  • 21:54 RT @3x1minus1 the house that attention deficit disorder built: #
  • 21:54 I think I would like to live in that house. #
  • 22:08 "1503: Christopher Columbus and his crew became the first Europeans to visit
    the Cayman Islands." And did they set up the first tax shelter? #
  • 23:35 @DVDBoxSet So the family show isn't a rock show? Because rock breaks up families, sort of like Jesus did? #
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