Nathan (vovat) wrote,

You Can Only Think of God

I don't think separation of church and state is a particularly difficult concept. Apparently some people do, though, because they think religion dominates EVERYTHING. And this not only applies to matters such as science and government, but even entertainment. If a song isn't glorifying God, it isn't worth listening to! Now, I'm not saying there hasn't been a lot of great music that's been religiously inspired, but I get the impression that even most of that uses God as a base, not as the entire subject of the song.

My thought on this sort of mindset is that it's pretty archaic. In ancient societies, it was pretty much a given that most aspects of life concerned the gods, so it made sense to consult a priest if you wanted to heal the sick, predict the weather, or decide whether or not to go into battle. Since then, however, we've discovered more effective ways to do most of these things without involving religion. Medicine has proven to be a lot better than prayer at curing disease. And science has made many advancements in finding out how the world works. Even if there is some supernatural force behind it all, it doesn't have to be directly involved in day-to-day matters. So to say that schools should teach "God did it" as an alternative to evolution is essentially holding on to an outdated point of view, and willfully ignoring any advancements that DON'T directly involve religion. And yet these people (with some exceptions) don't avoid other such scientific knowledge. I mean, why are there TV shows espousing Creationism when television was a secular invention? Or do the makers of these shows believe that God is directly involved in sending television signals?

Also baffling is how some private schools claim to use the Bible as the ultimate source for everything. Does that apply even when the Bible is obviously wrong? I'm not necessarily even talking here about supernatural matters, but about simple historical facts. The book of Daniel says that Belshazzar was the son of Nebuchadnezzar, when in fact they weren't even related.

Even when the Bible was written, I seriously doubt it was intended to be the source for everything. If it had been, then why does it reference other books (most of which no longer exist, as far as we know)? For instance, the books of Kings keep making references to the Annals of the Kings of Israel and Judah, implying that not everything that needed to be said about these kings could be found in the Biblical record; it just provided an overview of the kings' reigns seen from the point of view of the priests. Yet even today, you'll see people who think the Bible has the answers to everything. Well, no, there are in fact a lot of hot-button issues that it doesn't address. But then, some people have taken it upon themselves to invent Biblical answers to things that aren't actually mentioned in the book, and sometimes even directly contradict it. I'm not sure Jesus would have been too keen on trickle-down economics, for instance, but I've seen a fair number of Christians promoting it. Why is that acceptable, but evolution and gay marriage aren't? People can believe in whatever religion they think makes sense, but I think we all have to realize that, in this day and age, not everything can be directly related to whatever faith you have. And really, what kind of creator would make an entire species with the full intention of having them do nothing but think about how great He is all the time?

Anyway, I know there are some mothers on my list, so happy Mother's Day! It's also Dewey's seventh birthday, and Constitution Day in Micronesia.
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