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Writer's Block: Look at Me/Don't Look at Me

Do you seek attention or hide from it?

Seek it, usually. I tend to be desperate for attention. Not when I'm at work, though.

Well, it's season finalé time again. I think they've only shortened the length of each new season by two episodes, but it seems like more than that. Maybe that's just a side effect of time moving more quickly as I get older, though. When I see new Simpsons episodes that deal with issues, I can't help thinking of earlier episodes that covered them much better. In this case, the topic of the week is immigration, and it makes me remember how much funnier and more clever "Much Apu About Nothing" was. That said, despite not being too astute in terms of social commentary (I've heard the "immigrants would have to build the border fence" joke so many times that it's pretty much a cliché), this wasn't such a bad episode overall. I liked the Ogdenvillians, and the lead-up to the main plot with the new Krusty Burger sandwich. I might have mentioned this before, but I think the reason I keep watching the show when I know other people have given up on it is the sense of familiarity. It lacks any edge it might have had in the past, but viewers know the characters and have some interest in their further exploits. As such, episodes that mess with what we know about the characters are a far greater sin than ones that are somewhat lacking in the humor department.

Family Guy had its second out-of-continuity episode in a row. You'd think they could have spaced them out better, wouldn't you? It was all right, but the semi-incestuous jokes were a bit uncomfortable. Yeah, I know it wasn't REALLY incest within the context of the story, but it came uncomfortably close. As for American Dad, it was pretty good, but not one of the better recent episodes. Stan's night out with the guys was pretty amusing.

I'm not sure what to think of The Cleveland Show. I like Cleveland as a character on FG, but I'm not sure he can carry his own show. But then, as long as the jokes are good, I'm sure I'll watch it. I think the most likely danger is that it will end up being too much like FG, just without the Griffins.

Finally, happy one-day-belated birthday to kevenn!
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