Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Will the real Jack Chick please stand up?

Wow, two new Chick Tracts! It's like I died and went to Fundamentalist Heaven! Which, according to Jack Chick, is the only heaven there is. The first one deals with Santeria, which is kind of odd, as I didn't know that was really a significant religious movement nowadays. Actually, about the only other time I remember reading about Santeria was when I took a criminal law class in college, and I checked out a case where their right to perform animal sacrifice was being challenged. I have to wonder what religious group Jack will take on next. Will it be the John Frum cargo cult, or maybe people who list "Jedi Knight" as their religion on census forms? I remember someone saying he should do a tract on Scientology, because then they might actually have to take his side. Then again, even when Chick addresses religions that are crazier than his own, he almost inevitably misrepresents their beliefs anyway. He'd probably try to come up with some bizarre link between L. Ron Hubbard and the Pope. Getting back to this particular tract, he presents a world in which spells cast by witch doctors of ambiguous gender who spit on chickens actually work, and only Jesus can save you from them. Which suggests that non-Christian religions aren't totally wrong; it's just that the Christian God can beat up all the other gods. Which is kind of what it says in the Torah, isn't it?

I don't have as much to say about the other tract, but be forewarned that it's one of the ones intended especially for black audiences, which means work by the artist on Chick's staff whose drawings are much more realistic, but just as offensive and disturbing. Not to mention that everyone in his drawings has totally smooth skin. I have to find out what moisturizer the people in all-black Chick Tracts use. {g} This is hardly Chick's first foray into deal-with-the-Devil territory, but I've noticed he pretty much always ends these tracts with someone saying Satan gets everyone's souls by default anyway. If that's true, though, why does he even bother making bargains?

Oh, and just out of curiosity, is there any evidence that Jack T. Chick himself is still alive? I'm sure it would be easy enough for them to keep cranking out these tracts after the death of the original author, and I think a lot of the "new" ones are just slightly edited versions of tracts that came out some time ago.
Tags: jack chick, religion

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