Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Kids Are Idiots, Too!

It looks like NOM is at it again. This time, their argument is basically that we can't allow gay marriage because kids will get confused. It's the same basic argument I've heard from Bill O'Reilly and his ilk about this and other subjects. Anything that violates rigid fundamentalist concepts of gender and sexuality is just going to be so gosh-darned confusing to those impressionable little minds. While I haven't followed the nature vs. nurture debate closely enough to determine whether the prevailing wisdom is that there are NO inborn gender differences and prejudices, it seems pretty likely to me that most of this stuff bothers crusty old representatives of the Religious Right MUCH more than it does actual children. Maybe I'm being overly idealistic, but my limited experience with kids, as well as what I can remember from actually BEING a kid, leads me to believe that the youth isn't quite as dumb as a lot of us would like to think. Would any kid REALLY ever utter any of the lines from this commercial without having been fed them by an adult? I tend to doubt it. Why is the idea of same-sex marriage supposed to be so much more complicated than heterosexual marriage? If someone has no prior beliefs to draw on, doesn't it seem like they'd both be about equally confusing? I'm sure these parents who object to gay marriage are already going out of their way to avoid mentioning sexuality to their children, so what's wrong with accepting another flavor of sexuality that they're just going to avoid mentioning anyway?
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