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Mixing Black and Violet

One thing you can say about Charles "Black Francis" Thompson is that you can never quite tell what he'll come out with next. The project he's recently been working on is Grand Duchy, a band led by him and his wife Violet Clark. I got their album, Petits Fours, yesterday. While much of it is still recognizably Frank, I think it has more of an eighties sound than most of his previous work (including what he did in the actual eighties). Or maybe it's not eighties; I'm not always good at judging such overall styles. As usual, I think the album will take some time to really grow on me, but I already like it pretty well. I think my favorite song on it might be "Break the Angels," one of the ones with Violet on lead vocals. I remember noticing on Bluefinger that Violet has somewhat of a Kim Deal quality to her voice, and it's even more apparent when she sings lead. So if you want to hear new songs with Frank and Kim together, Grand Duchy might be the closest you'll get for the time being.
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