Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Happenings in Hoboken

Yesterday was pretty cool. bethje and I went up to Hoboken to visit friends, including not_glimmer, who had flown in from Oregon. We met her at Gina and therealtavie's apartment, along with its two residents. Stephanie M. was also there for a brief time, along with Stephanie P. and Jen, both of whom I met for the first time. The three of them were going to a Nine Inch Nails concert with Gina, while Tavie was going to a wedding with yet another Stephanie. (I guess people of that name gravitate toward her. {g}) So, for those of you not keeping score, that left Erin, Beth, and me to hang out for a few hours, and go out to eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant called Ali Ba Ba's. Perhaps surprisingly, I quite enjoyed my chicken kebab pita sandwich with cucumber yogurt sauce. Despite my pedestrian taste that would usually prefer a cheese sandwich to something exotic, I've actually liked Middle Eastern food both times I had it. Then again, I've never gotten any of the spicy stuff. After dinner, we did a little research into Japanese panty vending machines. So much I've heard about the Japanese suggests that they're a nation of perverts, but they probably think the same about Americans. Anyway, it was past 11:30 when we got back on the road, and Beth and I were totally exhausted by the time we got home. Yet somehow, I'm awake now. (EDIT: It was about 10 AM when I wrote this, but I waited to get the pictures uploaded before posting it.) Oh, well. It's only twelve hours before I have to go back to bed so I can get up for work tomorrow, so I should take advantage of this time. Trying to catch up on my LiveJournal friends page counts as taking advantage of the time, right? {g}

In case you're interested, here are pictures from yesterday.
Tags: food, social events, trips
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