Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Pray a Little Faster

As I mentioned on Twitter, I saw a "pray to end abortion" bumper sticker a few days ago. This came across as a bit absurd to me, considering that the reason many (or at least the most vocal) people who oppose abortion do so for religious reasons. So let's see:

1. God says abortion is wrong.
2. But it happens anyway, which must mean He doesn't have much interest in actually enforcing the rule.
3. So what we need to do is ask the same guy who says it's wrong but isn't doing anything about it to end it. That'll work right?

Really, that's kind of how I feel about prayer in general, especially in a religion with an all-powerful, all-knowing deity. If God knows everything you want and need, and everything you WILL want and need in the future, and can do anything about it He wants, what's the point in asking? Yet again, it seems to result in the idea of the Lonely, Insecure God. He CAN help you out, but won't unless you ask Him nicely, because He LIKES being asked. Which I suppose works on a purely logical level, but why would a perfect being need attention? Of course, that's all a personal issue, and I'm certainly not going to stop anyone from praying if they think it DOES make a difference. But can people stop saying they're going to pray for people they don't like (recent example: Carrie Prejean with Perez Hilton)? You can DO it if you want to, but to announce it just comes off as totally passive-aggressive.

Also, when are we going to have an end of people trying to restore mandatory prayers in public schools? Is separation of church and state THAT hard to understand? It's not just that not everyone wants to pray (which they don't), but that everyone who DOES should feel free to do so in their own way. You'll hear people claiming that they should use "non-denominational" prayers. Yeah, okay, if you come up with a prayer that works equally well for every branch of Christianity, not to mention Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and paganism (and that's not even counting the atheists), then maybe we'll talk. I think a lot of these people are ones who grew up when prayer still WAS mandatory in public schools, and they have the rather bizarre notion that things were so much better back then. Sometimes I think people who have such beliefs have blocked out their actual childhoods.

But anyway, prayer. What do you think about it?
Tags: issues, religion
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