Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Whatever Happened to Wart?

I'm sure anyone who cares at all about the subject (and perhaps even some of you who don't) know that Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn't originally conceived as a Mario game at all. After it was changed into one for American audiences, however, many of the characters became staples of the series. Shyguys and Bob-ombs have become regular members of the Koopa Troop, and Birdo takes part in a few games as well (mostly sports ones, where he/she/whatever is often paired with Yoshi, because gender-ambiguous dinosaur-like creatures have to stick together). But the game's major villain (and my default icon) Wart pretty much disappears after his one starring role. His page on the Mario Wiki mentions an appearance in Link's Awakening (under his Japanese name Mamu) and a few mentions, as well as his son appearing in Animal Crossing, but it doesn't look like he crossed paths with Mario after the first time.

In the original Doki Doki Panic, Wart kidnaps two children by reaching his flipper out of a storybook. I think I heard somewhere that the game was based on an anime. If that's true, I have to wonder if Wart/Mamu ever appeared in it. He never appeared in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoons, even though most of his minions did. They pretty much all worked for King Koopa, though, with Mouser making frequent appearances as the reptilian ruler's right-hand man (er, right-hand MOUSE, that is). Wart did show up in one of the Mario comics, looking more like a crocodile than a frog or toad. If he ever did appear alongside Bowser (whether in a game or some derivative medium), I have to wonder if they'd be allies or rivals.

Anyway, if any Nintendo representatives happen to be reading this, bring back Wart! {g}
Tags: comics, mario, television, video games
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