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Can't sleep, clown'll eat me

Is there any real explanation for the fear of clowns? Is it just that all things that kids are supposed to find cute will inevitably be creepy to someone? Is it because a lot of clown tricks are kind of mean (you know, like pies in the face and custard in the pants)? Or is it like how The Polar Express was unsettling because something that looks mostly human but with some minor things wrong is more disturbing than something that obviously isn't human? I don't know. Nor do I know exactly how the idea of evil clowns (Stephen King's Pennywise, Batman's Joker, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Kefka, Captain Spaulding, etc.) came about. I've never been a big fan of clowns, mostly because I've always been more into verbal comedy than the physical sort. I have a childhood memory of seeing a clown who told jokes at the mall, and I DID find him funny. I remember circuses in general being something I'd get really excited about, but then wanted to leave before they'd even ended. (My mom likes telling the story about how my grandfather held me down with his leg to stop me from getting up at the circus.) Knowing myself as a kid, I think I was mostly just interested in the animals. But anyway, for my part, not a big fan of clowns, but not scared of them either. Actually, I now find clowns somewhat intriguing, if only because clowning is sort of an outdated tradition at this point, yet it continues on. Sort of a link to the past, I suppose.
Tags: movies, nostalgia, video games
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