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Toadal Recall

Take a look at the trailer for New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Looks like a cool game, but I have to wonder why the two playable characters other than the obvious ones are just generic blue and yellow Toads. This got me thinking about how the original Toad was sort of a filler character. There were four characters in Doki Doki Panic, and after changing them into the two heroes and the damsel in distress from the original Super Mario Bros., they were still left having to come up with a Mario universe equivalent of the small but strong Papa. Hence Toad, described as the Royal Mushroom Retainer, making him one of the seven who tell Mario or Luigi that the Princess is in another castle (or at least someone with the same job title). At least for me, I think a large part of what made him a distinctive character was the cartoon part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which made him sort of a sidekick to the Marios with a gung-ho personality and a desire to be a hero. Even though all of the Mushroom People came to be known as Toads, I still think of THE Toad as a specific individual, and it seems that the makers of the games often do as well. So, assuming the two extra Toads in the Wii game make it to the completed version, will they be given their own names and personalities? I suppose only time will tell. I'm not really sure why they didn't just use Toad and Toadette, as that would lend some credence to the character who was just kind of thrown into Mario Kart Double Dash. But apparently Nintendo likes having some characters who only exist to play sports. I don't think Waluigi has ever appeared in an official Wario game, has he?

Anyway, long live Toad!

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