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bethje and I watched the newest episodes of Bullshit! and Real Time with Bill Maher last night. Penn and Teller addressed orgasms, in one of those episodes that's amusing enough, but doesn't really offer any significant arguments on anything. Sure, they exposed some people who make ridiculous profits by claiming they can provide the means for better orgasms, but I think the number of people who actually patronize these services is much lower than those who believe in reflexology or New Age healing. Overall, I think they just did this episode because they like to do sex-related shows every once in a while, and I guess I can't blame them for that.

The Real Time episode wasn't done in the regular format, but simply consisted of Maher interviewing Cameron Diaz, Oliver Stone, and Billy Bob Thornton one-on-one. These interviews are never as enjoyable as his normal discussions with guests, as they consist of much more ass-kissing, and address far fewer actual issues. He basically just fawned all over Ms. Diaz, but there was a little more substance to the interviews with the people he DIDN'T want to sleep with. Billy Bob did make a brief mention of the disastrous interview with Jian Ghomeshi (whom he simply referred to as "some DJ in Canada"), and tried to claim that he was speaking his mind, or something absurd like that. No, Billy Bob, that was incoherent rambling. He mentioned Patrick Henry, but he was famous for saying, "Give me liberty or give me death," not "I used to read Famous Monsters of Filmland." Unless that was one of his lesser-known quotations. Anyway, Beth said that the Boxmasters song they played at the end of the show reminded her of Thornhill-era Moxy Früvous, so that's kind of amusing.
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