Nathan (vovat) wrote,

Night at the Casino 2

Since bethje has an uncle who gambles a lot, he was able to get us a room at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City last night. We stayed in the Chairman Tower, which is the newer, ritzier one of the two towers. I guess some people feel that a name reminiscent of the Chinese Communist Party sounds like a cool place to stay. Actually, the high-rollers at the Taj Mahal are referred to as "Chairman" and "Executive" levels, which kind of seems to destroy the fun image that most casinos like to have. I mean, is there anything LESS fun than high-ranking businessmen? Anyway, the room was pretty swanky, and it was on the seventy-third floor, which gave us a nice view. I did notice, however, that there was a fee to use the wireless Internet there, while there wasn't at the Super 8 where we stayed last month. Not that it really matters, since neither of us have laptops, but I found it interesting. We had dinner at a place called Plate (which was actually right next to another restaurant called Burger; I guess that Trump likes simple names), where the service wasn't very good, but I did like the little pepperoni pizza that I had there. EDIT: Also, we went to a go-go bar for the first time.

One thing I have to wonder is why I always see Indian people gambling at the Taj Mahal. Wouldn't they consider it an insult to their culture, and not want to go there? Oh, well. Maybe if I ever visit India, I can stay in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Hotel.

So, anyway, we're back now, and I believe my next post will be another one about Oz characters. Hey, what would you expect from me?
Tags: food, trips

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