Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-09-2009

  • 06:51:36: In my dream, I stayed at some place for a week to work, and I'd somehow gotten both my new and old cars there.
  • 12:32:40: @EugeneMirman If that's the best the future could come up with, I don't have much hope for it.
  • 17:24:01: The Governor of TX is considering appointing a woman who calls public education a "subtly deceptive tool of perversion" as head of the BOE.
  • 17:24:57: Why is it that politicians seem to forget that you shouldn't put someone who hates an institution in charge of it?
  • 17:48:42: A proposed Smurfs movie? Is no cartoon from my childhood sacred?
  • 19:02:51: Spider-Man's Greatest Bible Stories
  • 20:10:59: Gordon Ramsey is right. You can't cook with no gas! Well, unless you use a different heat source.
  • 21:10:04: @themall The gecko?
  • 21:25:25: If you want to run a negative campaign, you should come up with something better than "he said he wouldn't raise taxes, but he totally DID."
  • 21:25:53: I mean, what politician COULDN'T you say that about?
  • 23:12:14: Bill O'Reilly seems to think people have been mocking Palin too much. You know, because he's a nice guy who cares about people's feelings.
  • 23:21:04: O'Reilly also doesn't think the God and Country Festival is about religion, or something like that. How does he still have viewers?
  • 23:21:18: Well, maybe they all watch him ironically, like I do sometimes.
  • 23:43:23: It looks like the best sponsor Bill-O can get is Lee Majors selling a hearing aid.
  • 23:46:48: In other news, I got the first issue of "The Oz-Wonderland Chronicles" today. I definitely give it a thumbs up.
  • 23:47:40: Orks, the Shaggy Man, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and Alice singing a song from "Sylvie & Bruno." What more could a fan ask for?
  • 23:48:19: The comic's Jabberwock reminds me of a praying mantis.
  • 23:50:52: Oh, and I forgot to mention Ruggedo!

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