Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-10-2009

  • 00:16:40: The headline at the top of my Gmail says that Anna Kournikova got in a fight. Those wacky Russian women and their overdoses of testosterone!
  • 00:20:50: Happy dating anniversary to @NowIsStrange!
  • 08:09:59: I hardly ever wrap presents anymore. Does that mean they don't count as much?
  • 08:10:37: While we were at a stoplight yesterday, some guy gave us a menu for an exercise-themed restaurants called Muscle Maker Grill.
  • 08:10:52: The appetizers there are called "warm-ups."
  • 08:12:13: @eehouls Makeup? Nah, he's a real vampire now.
  • 08:13:05: All right, Lady Gaga, I'll grant you that "disco stick" isn't a euphemism I've heard before.
  • 08:14:33: I'm not sure Alan Jackson quite understands how time zones work.
  • 11:00:21: In my dream, @NowIsStrange had two babies, and named them simply Eighteenth and Twentieth after the dates when they were born.
  • 11:00:36: Don't ask me how she had two babies two days apart.
  • 11:02:49: For whatever reason, I kind of wanted to name one of them Lucretia.
  • 12:53:44: The owner of this van was in the booth behind mine at Pizza Hut today.
  • 12:55:40: One of the trending topics is "Soho." Do they mean the one in Manhattan or the one in London?
  • 12:56:14: Soon after learning that "Soho" (in NY) meant "south of Houston Street," I had a dream that the Emerald City had a district called "Soban."
  • 12:56:49: It was supposed to be south of Banana Boulevard, but the problem with that is that Neill presumably thought of the blvd as circular.
  • 13:00:28: I'm worried that I won't ever get a job again, even a temporary one.
  • 13:11:18: Selling acid was a bad idea. Selling it to a cop was a worse one.
  • 13:12:16: @JaredofMo I thought the cheapest gas was nitrogen.
  • 13:12:43: @nancybabe03 No, I don't think I'll be doing that. My wife might not appreciate it.
  • 13:13:03: @sexyarmpit Maybe it does, but I don't want to be reminded of gym class when I'm dining out.
  • 13:17:41: More salads need to have fruit in them.
  • 14:29:40: Where's Neil when you need him? I think he's probably inside @amandapalmer, Tori.
  • 14:46:59: Laughter is the very best medicine. Remember that when your appendix bursts next week.
  • 14:47:50: @TarynAria That sounds pretty good. Anything to distract me from the vegetables. {g}
  • 15:09:00: Why won't the "More" button work for me?
  • 21:17:46: Why does CNN report on psychics discussing Michael Jackson?

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