Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 00:48:58: If I'm supposed to beware of Greeks bearing gifts, why shouldn't I look a gift horse in the mouth?
  • 01:30:04: Happy birthday, @therealtavie!
  • 01:31:12: So Robert Downey is playing Holmes because they're both drug addicts, and Jude Law is Watson because they can't commit to relationships?
  • 01:33:48: @JaredofMo But are you truly LIVING Oz?
  • 01:36:44: @NowIsStrange thinks I've become much raunchier online as of late. This worries me somewhat.
  • 03:01:52: I just saw a semi-local car lot commercial with a really bad Obama impersonator.
  • 03:02:37: I love how, at the end, there's a disclaimer: "Obama look-alike, not the actual president." Uh, no, he looks nothing like Obama.
  • 11:44:26: Why is there a travel agency commercial that uses the same tune as the Moldy Peaches' "Anybody Else But You"?
  • 11:45:31: If I already have a complete TV series box set, why would I want a collection of episodes?

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