Nathan (vovat) wrote,

We Germans are not all smiles und sunshine

Okay, so, yesterday was therealtavie and Kirsten's birthday, and bethje and I went up to North Jersey for their party, which was held at a beer garden in Jersey City called Zeppelin Hall. It must be one of the most uptight restaurants in the country, because it had its own security team, who absolutely refused to let us bring in a birthday cake, allegedly for health code matters. I guess it makes sense that this would have happened at a GERMAN restaurant. :P Also, it was pretty difficult to find a table, as people stuck around and played cards and such, with no sign of anything to eat or drink. We ended up sitting outside, where they didn't serve as much in the way of food. So I don't think I'd recommend the place, even though the sausage sampler I got was quite good. I'm not sure I could taste much difference between the varieties of sausage, though. I get the impression that the Germans basically sit around drinking a lot of beer, and then come up with different names for what's basically the same collection of pig organs in a casement.

But enough about German cuisine. The party itself was fun, although we didn't know all that many of the people there. Tavie seems to have more social networking skills than I do, especially considering that some of her co-workers showed up, and we visited her old boss's apartment after leaving the restaurant. I will say that her networking skills apparently work particularly well on Stephanies and Andrews. But anyway, the fact that we were invited means a lot to me, as someone who usually feels like a social outcast. And we got to hear Tavie and Kirsten sing together, which was something that Gina had built up for me, and turned out to meet expectations. They have the ability to harmonize that can only come with having been in the womb together. {g}

We finally got home a little before 5 AM, and I went to sleep pretty much immediately, only to have dreams involving skyscrapers, alternate universes, amusement park rides featuring the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz, and a power outage at a bookstore.
Tags: dreams, food, social events, trips

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