Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-12-2009

  • 04:57:57: Things that I think about while driving at 4 AM include the connection between "Solisbury Hill" and the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow."
  • 15:04:06: I kind of feel like Chinese food today. I'm not totally sure why.
  • 15:05:42: One of the employees at Zeppelin Hall last night took DOWN an umbrella when it rained. Isn't that rather backwards?
  • 15:25:53: @billyhc But sometimes that makes you dislike them MORE!
  • 15:31:45: @JaredofMo Yeah, but wolves are, and people know what they look like.
  • 15:32:32: @heiditron3000 Do turkey burgers and root beer count?
  • 15:33:39: @intrnlbleeding I think some people just go to a movie because it's a movie.
  • 15:36:08: @TarynAria Did MacGyver make it, by any chance?
  • 15:38:07: @huggythuggy I'm not a fan of people calling someone a Nazi just because they're mean, but I guess it's appropriate for a German place.
  • 15:42:00: @PFTompkins That pig looks an awful lot like a Porky rip-off. Someone call the Warner Bros. legal team!
  • 15:46:11: I heard someone in a TMBG video clip yelling, "Woo, John Linnell!" after he was introduced. What, were they not expecting him?
  • 16:51:09: I think my next Oz book might be "The Biergarten of Oz."
  • 16:51:50: There were several Wizard of Oz references at the party yesterday, including Toto brand urinals in the men's room.
  • 17:16:13: Why is Fergie mad about chickens jacking her style? Does her style consist of running around with her head cut off?
  • 17:25:04: Does anyone know what Morgan Fairchild was famous for prior to Old Navy commercials?
  • 17:25:40: And is she related to Lady Elaine from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe?
  • 18:29:15: @billyhc Close. Duck sauce.
  • 20:19:03: We ended up getting Taco Bell instead of Chinese.
  • 20:23:22: @huggythuggy What was the name of your family's dachshund?
  • 21:37:56: The Good Samaritan

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