Nathan (vovat) wrote,

The Late, Great Debate

poisonyoulove made a survey out of VH1's The Great Debate. While I didn't watch the show, I will do the survey.

Worst thing to happen to a penis on film: There's Something About Mary vs. Porkys
I haven't actually seen either, but since Laura mentioned that the one in TSAM involves a zipper, I guess I'll go with that.

Most effective PSA: Crying Indian vs. Your Brain on Drugs
The Indian, I'd say. I'm not sure I've actually seen the original Indian PSA, but I'm not sure how it could be LESS effective than a fried egg.

Best teen soap: 90210 vs. The O.C.
Never watched either, but I'll go with 90210 because it was actually kind of an original idea for its time.

Dreamiest Travolta Stud: Tony Manero vs. Danny Zuko
Zuko, I guess. Never actually watched Saturday Night Fever, though, so that's not entirely fair.

Kanye West: musical genius or tool?
Probably a little of both.

Hotter Russian tennis babe: Maria Sharapova vs. Anna Kournikova
I guess Anna is better looking.

Which is the better Hulk: Hulk Hogan vs. Incredible Hulk
The Incredible one. I don't think he has the hots for his own daughter, after all.

Most hated reality show villain: Omarosa vs. Spencer Pratt
Don't know much about either, but since simply looking at a picture of Spencer makes me hate him, which isn't the case with Omarosa, I'm going to say him. I guess I wouldn't expect someone named "Pratt" to be a popular character, though. He has a name that comes right out and tells you what to expect, sort of like Ugg boots. (More on those to come!)

Which was the wildest toy craze: Cabbage Patch Kids vs. Tickle Me Elmo
From what I've heard, the Cabbage Patch Kid craze was wilder, although I also think it made a tad bit more sense.

Who is the bigger attention whore: Chriss Angel vs. David Blaine
Don't really know much about the former, but looking him up reveals that he does actual magic tricks, so I'll say Blaine.

Ultimate 80s teen villain: James Spader vs. Billy Zabka
What, Skeletor wasn't a teen villain? {g} Eh, I'll say Spader, because...why not?

Most memorable commercial featuring a cat: Morris vs. Meow Mix
Morris, if only because I had a bag with him on it.

Sadder song: Nothing Compares to You vs. Tears in Heaven
"Tears in Heaven," I guess.

Primo 80s teen queen: Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany
I prefer Debbie (or Deborah, as she calls herself now).

Who's your maple syrup mama: Mrs. Butterworth vs. Aunt Jemima
Mrs. Butterworth. Aunt Jemima doesn't even have a bottle shaped like her! Plus she's a stereotype.

Social networking: Twitter vs. Facebook
Twitter is a lot easier to use, but Facebook makes me feel more popular.

Best talent show ever: Star Search vs. American Idol
Never watched Star Search, but I watch Idol pretty regularly, so I'll say that.

Hotter Simpson sister: Ashlee vs. Jessica
While I wouldn't say either of them are hot, I definitely prefer Jessica. I think Ashlee's only real function was to make her sister look good in comparison.

Mightier kick-ass TV car: the General Lee vs. K.I.T.T.
Come on, sentient cars always win out over non-sentient ones, right?

Which was the better dance craze: Y.M.C.A. vs. the Macarena
The YMCA is much less annoying, but maybe I only think that because its height in popularity was before my time.

Ultimate all-girl pop group: Spice Girls vs. the Pussycat Dolls
It took me a while to realize it, but I actually LIKE the Spice Girls. They're cute, while the Pussycat Dolls just come across as whores. Besides, does anyone even know the difference between one Pussycat Doll and another?

Which invention helped men more: Rogaine vs. Viagra
I think the fact that Viagra actually works (at least from what I've heard) gives it a clear lead.

Most believable man in drag: Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Tootsie

Which sex tape had the bigger impact: Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian
Since I didn't even know Kim HAD a sex tape until now, I'd say the answer is obviously Paris.

Which sports anthem pumps you up more: Rock and Roll part 2 vs. We Will Rock You
We Will Rock You. Songs not performed by child molesters FTW!

Perez Hilton: love him or hate him
Pretty indifferent, actually, although I appreciate his comments on Miss California.

More controversial rapper: Eminem vs. Snoop Dogg
Eminem. Was Snoop ever really that controversial?

The Snuggie: genius or crap
Both. I get the impression that the actual product is crap, but the fact that someone could actually get people to BUY such a thing is genius.

Who wins in a fight: He-Man vs. Thundercats
Thundercats, if only through sheer force of numbers.

Bigger book craze: Da Vinci Code vs. Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Most entertaining pageant: Westminster dog show vs. Miss America
While dog shows kind of bother me because it's like those dogs have had all personality sucked out of them, I still prefer them to watching HUMANS who have had all personality sucked out of them.

Better talk show host: Conan vs. Letterman
Conan, I guess, although I do like both. Funny how Leno wasn't even an option.

Huger Schwarzenegger bad-ass: Conan the Barbarian vs. the Terminator
Maybe Conan, if only because it's all too easy to be a bad-ass when you've been built and programmed to be one.

Who's more bootylicious: Beyonce vs. J. Lo
J. Lo, but they're both assholes.

Jerkiest high school principal: Rooney vs. Vernon
I'm going to agree with Laura that it's Rooney, because he was practically a stalker.

Who's got more cooties: Pete Doherty vs. Amy Winehouse
Amy, because only GIRLS have cooties!

Steamier bisexual fantasy: Lindsay Lohan vs. Tila Tequila
I think Lindsay is (or at least was) better looking.

Ultimate primetime game show: Wheel of Fortune vs. Jeopardy
Jeopardy! It's more fun to play along with, because you get more questions.

Who stole the show: Urkel vs. The Fonz
They both did, but I think Urkel might have done a more complete takeover.

Spicier sexpert: Dr. Ruth vs. Sue Johanson
I can't say I know much about either.

Weepiest tear-jerker: Terms of Endearment vs. Steel Magnolias
Haven't seen either.

Who is the flashier showboat: Sanders vs. Owens
Showboat? So I'm supposed to choose the one who's better at singing "Old Man River"?

Who is the better royal lay: Prince Harry vs. Prince William
I'd say William is better looking, and I don't think he's ever worn a Nazi uniform.

Best TV housekeeper: Mrs. Garrett vs. Alice
Mrs. Garrett, because of her song from The Worst Witch {g}

Most bad-ass Tarantino flick: Reservoir Dogs vs. Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction

Hottest Gilligan castaway: Mary Ann vs. Ginger
Mary Ann

Most legendary Hollywood couple: Kermit/Miss Piggy vs. Bogart/Bacall
The Muppets, of course!

Bruno vs. Borat
As I mentioned a few posts ago, Borat was funnier, although I liked both.

Guiltier reality TV pleasure: Rock of Love vs. Flavor of Love
I think I'd feel guiltier watching the former (which I never have). At least with Flavor Flav, I could claim I was just watching him for the clocks.

Ultimate female movie psycho: Glenn Close vs. Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates

Who has the most fabulous reality show: Tyra Banks vs. Heidi Klum
This is another case where I've only actually watched one of the shows, but I'm going to choose the latter, because: 1) designers have to do more than models, and 2) Heidi doesn't seem to be as much of a bitch. (Actually, while her dressing up as Kali might have angered some Hindu group, it made me like her better.)

Which are cuter: kittens vs. puppies
Sorry, Clancy and Mabel, but I have to say kittens.

The Hills: Genius or Dumb
From what I've heard of it, it sounds pretty dumb.

Who's the bigger political cad: Edwards vs. Clinton
I guess Edwards, but he's still kinda cute.

Does disco suck: yes or no
I try not to dismiss any musical genre out of hand. There's some good disco, and then there's KC and the Sunshine Band, you know?

Coolest TV cop pair: CHiPs vs. Miami Vice
Toody and Muldoon from Car 54. Or, if books counted, maybe Fred Colon and Nobby Nobbs.

Most memorable commercial featuring an old lady: Where's the beef? vs. I've fallen and I can't get up!
I think the latter.

Hotter Charlie's Angels trio: the 2000s vs. the 70s
I didn't watch either, but while I would imagine the 70s show was probably better than the movies, the new girls were probably better looking. No offense to the recently deceased, but Farrah Fawcett was no Drew Barrymore.

Boxers vs. Briefs
I pretty much always wear boxers now, although I wore briefs as a kid. Why the change? I'm really not sure.

Battle of the 80s charity songs: We Are the World vs. Do They Know it's Christmas
We Are the World

Ugliest sports injury ever: Holyfield vs. Theisman

Raddest video game craze: Pac-man vs. Donkey Kong
Pac-Man, although I have to give the latter credit for introducing Mario to the world.

Who would you rather adopt: Arnold vs. Webster
Arnold, I suppose. But would that also mean adopting Willis?

Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry
Lady Gaga, definitely. Her songs are a bit overplayed, but listenable. I'm not even sure why these two would fall into the same category.

Who's tougher: Rambo vs. Rocky
Well, I think taking on entire armies in Vietnam is more impressive than fighting one guy in a ring, so I'll go with Rambo.

Best boy band: 'Nsync vs. New Kids on the Block
I'll say the New Kids. Why aren't the Backstreet Boys part of this choice? I prefer them to 'Nsync.

The Jerry Springer Show: trash or gold

Super Harrison Ford hero: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones
Han Solo, if only because he had a spaceship and a Wookiee co-pilot.

Top pop princess: Britney vs. Christina
I think Britney is more famous, but I have to say I prefer Christina, both musically and in terms of looks (especially now that she's over her "Dirrty" phase). I'm not sure why no one seems to realize that Britney can't really sing.

Scariest serial killer: Freddy vs. Jason
I think Freddy's habit of showing up in people's dreams makes him the scarier one, despite his frequent puns. He also has more of a personality and better movies.

Boobs: fake vs. real
Real, but I don't necessarily begrudge people who want to get fakes, as long as they're not totally ridiculous. For instance, I think Victoria Beckham is getting into ridiculous territory.

Mega music mogul: Diddy vs. Jay Z
Diddy might not be any great shakes as a rapper, but he's definitely more of a mogul.

Geekiest fans: Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Probably Trek, if only because there's more to geek out about.

Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie
Out of those two, Team Jolie. It's not much of a choice, though.

Bigger blockbuster craze: Jurassic Park vs. Titanic
Titanic was the bigger blockbuster, but Jurassic Park was more of a franchise. And I personally prefer the dinosaurs to the boat.

Greatest band of all time: Beatles vs. Rolling Stones
While I'm not sure I'd say either is the greatest of all time, I'm much more of a Beatles fan.

Supreme diva: Whitney vs. Mariah
I think Whitney is probably more talented, but Mariah might well be the bigger diva.

Which alien would you rather party with: ALF vs. ET
I guess ALF, because he's more conversational. ET would be much more useful to have around in case of injury, though.

Simpsons vs. Family Guy
I still have to go with the Simpsons. They might have gone downhill over the years, but the show was better on average. I'm a FG fan as well, but a lot of the show's humor was basically taken from the Simpsons anyway, even if they did put some amusing new twists on it.

Best pop star ever: Madonna vs. Michael Jackson
I'd probably say Jackson even if he HADN'T just died.

Fiercest supermodel biatch: Naomi Campbell vs. Janice Dickinson
I don't know what bitchy things Dickinson has done, so I'm going to say Naomi, even though her shtick of repeatedly hitting people with an object was done more effectively by Captain Hook and Quick Draw McGraw.

Which baseball franchise rules: Red Sox vs. Yankees
I don't follow baseball, but pretty much everyone who does and has opinions I respect hates the Yankees, so I say the Sox. Besides, they have a cooler name.

Sexiest 'stache: Burt Reynolds vs. Tom Selleck
Selleck is probably better looking in general (not that I'd go gay for either one), but Reynolds does have the better mustache.

Worst celebrity excuse: Simpson's acid reflux vs. Piven's mercury poisoning
Acid reflux is a worse excuse for ANYTHING.

Biggest fall from grace: George Michael vs. Boy George
Probably Boy George

Greatest cheestastic Broadway show on Earth: Cats vs. Phantom
Well, Cats is probably cheesier, if that's what you're asking. The Phantom didn't wear a tuxedo lined with Christmas lights. {g}

Who cares more about the world: Sting vs. Bono
Probably Bono, although he's also more obnoxious about it.

Least arousing sex book: Joy of Sex vs. Madonna's Sex
I can't recall ever looking at either, but I'll go with the former, since Madonna is sexier than pretty much any hairy seventies people.

Would you rather be a Flintstone or a Jetson?
The Flintstones are cooler, but I don't think I could hack powering a car with my feet. Things seem to be pretty easy in the Jetsons' world, as long as you don't have to deal with Mr. Spacely.

Most indestructible rocker: Ozzy Osbourne vs. Keith Richards
Keith. You can't kill the undead!

Most hideous footwear trend: Crocs vs. Uggs
I don't care for either, but Crocs are definitely worse.

Funniest TV foreigner: Balki vs. Latka

Better buzz: Red Bull vs. Jolt
I've never drunk either, but I like Jolt's tagline, while Red Bull commercials piss me off, so Jolt wins.

Which member of The View would you eat first if stranded on a desert island?
I think it would have to be Hasselbeck.

Best cartoon pet: Snoopy vs. Garfield
Garfield. He has a more amusing attitude, and as odd as it may sound, I think he has more affection for Jon than Snoopy does for Charlie Brown. I guess Snoopy wins points for being able to write novels, but they're not really very GOOD ones, are they?

Best Jersey export: Bruce Springsteen vs. Bon Jovi
What, no Sinatra? Eh, I guess I'll say Bruce.
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