Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-14-2009

  • 17:16:12: @3x1minus1 I think Vitamin Water in general comes in unappealing colors.
  • 17:17:30: @sapsorrow Ralston Mansion? Does that have anything to do with cheap licensed cereals?
  • 17:18:25: @gilibugg Let's just hope the Scientologists don't get to him! Wait, maybe he's actually the next Napoleon.
  • 17:19:11: @gilibugg Well, why do you think Ron suddenly got interested in her? :P
  • 17:20:15: @TheRealTavie What's a maxi dress? Anything like a maxi pad?
  • 23:59:12: Thanks to Sanford, now no one can hike the Appalachian Trail without someone thinking they're having an affair in South America!

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