Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-15-2009

  • 00:00:07: If he really HAD been hiking the Appalachian Trail, wouldn't he still have been out of office with no transfer of power?
  • 00:03:13: In WTF news, there's a Senator who's actually trying to pass a bill banning human-animal hybrids.
  • 00:04:38: Even if such things DID exist, why would they necessarily be bad? What about Chiron, for instance?
  • 00:05:29: Rachel Maddow says that mermaids disturb her. Considering that many mermaid stories involve sailors drowning, I can see this.
  • 05:49:19: @artmonkeygrrl Maybe she wasn't calling her kid, but just for justice in general.
  • 05:53:21: The trending topics include both "Michael Jackson" and "Half-Blood Prince." Does this have to do with his son?
  • 06:02:19: Kippers for breakfast, Aunt Helga? Is it St. Swithin's Day already?
  • 08:13:00: I heard something on the radio about Pearl Jam at the Spectrum. I didn't realize either one still existed.
  • 08:13:27: The pharmacy gave me a refill on the medicine I'm not supposed to take anymore, but not on either of the ones I actually need.
  • 12:35:58: @kattmoff I believe the preferred term is "Towelian-American."
  • 14:35:02: Reagan keeps sitting on the desk with her cat butt facing me.
  • 14:35:15: Okay, now she's sitting the other way 'round. Much cuter that way.
  • 16:57:06: @NowIsStrange insists that one of the kings in Super Mario Bros. 3 was turned into a donkey with a hat on its ass.
  • 17:42:50: I didn't know M.I.A. referenced the Pixies. That's pretty cool.
  • 17:46:18: Maybe you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, but you CAN get stem cells from one.
  • 22:25:20: This preacher dude says that, in Heaven, "Jesus will be our husband." So does that mean gay marriage is okay there?
  • 22:26:47: When these TV preachers beg for money, shouldn't their conservative base tell them to get a real job?

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