Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 08:21:14: Is the radio ever NOT playing that Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" song? Well, at least it's not "My Humps."
  • 08:21:30: I got that boom-boom-pow. Because I used a POW block on Boom-Boom.
  • 08:23:07: I heard a song by Phoenix on the radio this morning. I'd previously only heard of them through @3x1minus1.
  • 08:24:02: I don't get why the idea of raising taxes on the top 1% of wage earners is controversial. Do people feel sorry for the poor billionaires?
  • 08:25:48: Despite all the "two Crossainwiches for $3" signs, Burger King still tried to charge me the normal price.
  • 08:26:17: Also, I think the guy working the window at Burger King might have been Scotty from Star Trek.
  • 14:32:47: I had a dream that my dad forced me to go to some kind of creepy week-long camp thing, and I got into a fight with him when he came back.
  • 14:33:43: @gick7 That's one of several reasons why I don't think I could be a manager.
  • 14:34:14: @PFTompkins Or a suit of armor.
  • 14:38:33: @amandapalmer If not a Goth, are you a Vandal, a Lombard, or a Frank?
  • 20:41:39: I got my first pedicure today. I feel like a princess! A very masculine princess.
  • 20:45:19: After a business closes, a new owner will often reopen it as the same kind of business. Isn't that a sure recipe for failure?
  • 20:48:08: @TarynAria Maybe, but it would definitely be a Converse-ation piece.
  • 20:55:06: @oz_diggs The Iffin
  • 20:55:37: @renlong What about Ren vs. the Volcano?
  • 20:56:52: @eehouls At least she didn't ask for your John Wayne Gacy.
  • 20:59:07: @alyankovic You're directing him after he rejected "Chicken Pot Pie"?
  • 21:00:15: I think Delilah represents a large part of what's wrong with America. So does Rush Limbaugh, but a different part.
  • 21:54:45: I can see why The Lost Levels only made it to the States as part of Super Mario All-Stars. I think it was designed by a sadist.
  • 21:55:35: "What? We've gone through two screens without a Lakitu or Hammer Brother? Time for a hurricane!"
  • 21:55:55: Are the squid creatures in the Mario games Bloopers or Bloobers?
  • 22:11:40: Is Super Mario Bros. 3 the only game where Mario turns orange when he gets a fire flower?
  • 22:12:04: Speaking of SMB3, how does Bowser spit fireballs at you when you're not even in the same room as him?
  • 22:20:55: My wife gives good foot rubs.

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