Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-17-2009

  • 00:18:26: @NowIsStrange Yeah, maybe just a mildly tomboyish princess.
  • 00:19:36: @Clamanity But what about Jughead?
  • 01:05:44: There was a cooking preacher on TV. Now I've seen everything!
  • 01:24:01:
    Super Mario Strikers concept art
  • 06:59:50: Well, I'm glad I don't ACTUALLY owe the library upwards of $100!
  • 08:07:03: I thought sappiness was the territory of easy listening. Why did country musicians decide they needed to get in on that?
  • 08:21:30: @sarahs4yearplan Well, in my dreams, anyway.
  • 19:58:58: Phrase that popped into my mind when I was half-asleep: "I am ready to swallow you a new tomorrow."
  • 20:36:14: @pshumate @kittysneezes I've seen both spellings used in the manuals. I think the Japanese have trouble distinguishing B's and P's.
  • 20:38:36: @EugeneMirman Yeah, especially that controversial scene where Snape marries Dumbledore.
  • 20:40:40: @renlong Well, if you stopped shoving fruit up your nose, they might not be so eager to go in there!

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