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At My Brother's Wedding

Yes, my brother Karl got married today (well, technically yesterday at this point, I guess), and bethje attended the wedding, which was held in the bride's family's backyard. It wasn't a big ceremony, but there were more guests than there were at our own wedding. Most of them were from the bride's side, as she has a lot of cousins. Actually, so does Beth. Do people who don't have any first cousins (as we don't in my family) tend to marry people who do, in order to fill some kind of gap? Anyway, from my side of the family were my sister, my mom, her sisters Sandy and Toni, her brother Tim and his wife Jann, my dad and his wife Barbara, his brother Devan (formerly Bruce), and his parents. The ceremony was performed by a weekend preacher, and included some of the annoying sexist stuff about the man being the breadwinner and the woman remaining meek, but Karl and Kelly didn't actually know what was going to be in the ceremony beforehand. For dinner, I had meatballs and ziti, but chicken and roast beef were also featured in the buffet line. The wedding cake, which was part chocolate and part yellow (I had the latter), was pretty good. And, well, I guess that's about it. We made it home despite my accidentally turning the wrong way and unintentionally entering Maryland for a brief time. Pictures can be found here.

Oh, by the way, my title might sound generic, but it actually comes from this.
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