Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 01:31:59: Did Jack Van Impe really say that the Jews had no homeland since Nebuchadnezzar's conquest? What about the Maccabean period?
  • 01:32:53: In event of rapture, this car will be unmanned. Jesus will love the flaming wreck that results.
  • 01:33:26: The preacher on TV is Dr. Creflo Dollar. Wow, he tells you right in his last name what his actual goal is!
  • 01:36:10: @JaredofMo I agree. They're actually considering a BttF remake? Well, maybe they'll do a time-travel reset like with Star Trek.
  • 01:38:35: @JaredofMo I'm planning a remake of "Return to Oz." In my version, Ozma is eaten by a Rak, and Dorothy marries the Nome King.
  • 01:41:46: Chris Brown and Harry Potter are both trending topics. I assume the reason is that they found out Chris actually killed Dumbledore.
  • 01:42:38: See, when Dumbledore threw Chris Brown's wand out the window of the Knight Bus, Chris slammed the wizard's head into the windshield.
  • 01:43:19: Yeah, I'm kind of reaching with that one, aren't I?
  • 01:55:15: Dumpster swimming pool in Brooklyn
  • 14:54:24:
    Super Keyboard Cat Bros.
  • 15:01:43: "Funk Pop a Roll" promo video
  • 15:02:05: Jack Van Impe seems to regard Oprah as a false prophet. Hey, something we can agree on!
  • 16:16:08: Skottie Young's take on the Scarecrow's brains looks rather frightening.

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