Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-22-2009

  • 08:13:08: A button came off another pair of my pants. What the hell do I do to my clothes for that to keep happening?
  • 14:57:39: RT @JaredofMo A challenge to Oz fans.
  • 15:00:00: @TheRealTavie I didn't know anyone still did low-carb diets. Isn't that cutting out all the good stuff?
  • 15:02:08: When David Lowery sings "place a cold rag on my head" in his version of "O Death," it sounds kind of like "place a coat rack on my head."
  • 15:03:08: RT @alyankovic The movie "UHF" was released to an unsuspecting public exactly 20 years ago today. #UHF
  • 15:05:26: There's going to be an after hours party at the insect hospital.
  • 15:06:02: @themall Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?
  • 15:07:26: Guns don't kill people. I do. #UHF
  • 15:09:02: @kattmoff The government usually doesn't give as much money, though, does it?
  • 15:10:00: @TarynAria Yeah, if you wanted hear the same songs every day, you could just listen to ClearChannel radio!
  • 15:11:15: @TarynAria Was it actually by Moxy Früvous?
  • 15:12:17: I feel like I should play the Final Fantasy games that I haven't yet (except possibly 11).
  • 15:12:33: I mean, I'm a fan of the series, but I'm really only familiar with about half of it.
  • 16:46:06: Picked up the last issue of the Wizard of Oz comic today. Now we have to wait until winter for "Marvelous Land."
  • 18:56:34: The Taco Bell dog died today?

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