Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-23-2009

  • 19:38:09: Under the window, covered by curtains, all lacy and splattered with blood, we find crutches in the corner and bullets on the shelf.
  • 19:38:50: Hey, Billy Joel, just what IS a real estate novelist? The author of the best-selling novel "Location, Location, Location"?
  • 19:41:48: I'm not too fond of the current male teen heartthrob look. Not that I should be, mind you. I'm just saying.
  • 19:43:42: There was some crappy country song on the radio with the line "Thank God I'm still a guy." What an odd thing to be thankful for.
  • 19:44:28: I mean, not having a period and being able to pee standing up are good things, but I can't say I'm that attached to my gender in general.
  • 22:33:57: Rush Limbaugh thinks that health care is comparable to buying a car or staying at a hotel.
  • 22:34:33: Why does someone who gets his medicine illegally even care about the health care system?

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