Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-24-2009

  • 08:08:48: I've never found much validity to the "why should I pay for other people's health care?" argument. Isn't compassion a basic human trait?
  • 08:17:53: @kattmoff Yeah, just ask Matthew Lesko!
  • 08:27:49: @colleenanne Both, actually.
  • 08:31:18: @miscellaneaarts Has he looked to see whether "gullible" is really in the dictionary yet?
  • 08:34:22: @renlong Wrote a note to Mickey Rooney! (Okay, not really.)
  • 08:36:14: @JaredofMo It takes more time for me to spell things incorrectly.
  • 08:38:58: @poisonyoulove I'm not at Comic-Con. Or at Conic-Com, the company that makes cone-shaped objects.
  • 12:56:03: @colleenanne It's on the fourth CVB album, "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart."
  • 14:23:54: How is Rush Limbaugh still making headlines? Dude hasn't changed his shtick in years!
  • 14:24:38: There are STILL nutcakes claiming Obama wasn't born in this country? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Stupid conspiracy theories never die.
  • 17:01:52: @intrnlbleeding Yes, by the same guy who killed JFK and brought down the Twin Towers. He's very busy, you see.
  • 17:02:29: @DVDBoxSet Well, to be fair, his last name IS "old man."
  • 17:04:40: @littlemissgamer Is Dick Van Dyke there?
  • 17:39:01: Watching Glenn Beck trying to be funny is even worse than...well, watching Glenn Beck in general.
  • 17:40:31: I just talked to the rudest phone clerk I've encountered. If you're not on my LJ friends list and want to hear the story, let me know.
  • 18:15:13: You KNOW you want a Ziggy cake pan!
  • 19:12:33: If you look like Hitler, this could be your big break!
  • 19:48:28: If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, we'd probably all be killed by high-velocity candy.
  • 20:34:29: On Glenn Beck, a guy who'd lost his mall kiosk was called a "free market warrior." Was the guy selling hacked Mario games is one of those?
  • 20:35:39: @JaredofMo I still say MY town is more haunted.
  • 20:54:48: A religious radio station played two Christmas songs today. I guess they needed a little Christmas right that very minute.
  • 21:12:07: The main presidential challenger in Afghanistan is Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. The candidate so nice, they named him twice!
  • 21:30:42: Berlusconi of Italy hid graves on his property? He must be planning a zombi holocaust!
  • 22:04:37: Quote: "If this exploration of the silent cinema of Oz has taught us anything, it is that L. Frank Baum really had a thing for mules."
  • 22:45:33: So is the Delilah in that Plain White T's song the radio hostess or the Philistine? Either way, I wouldn't want her.

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