Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 01:23:30: Ian Maxtone-Graham has an obnoxious laugh. That's not the only thing about him that's obnoxious, though.
  • 01:24:28: One of the trending topics is "Which Twilight New." Sheesh, I knew Steph Meyer was a bad writer, but that sequence of words makes no sense.
  • 13:06:27: @alyankovic Wow, tough choice. I think I'd say "Polkas on 45," though.
  • 13:08:43: @3x1minus1 I've come to the conclusion that Coulter mostly wants attention, so slapping her would just be giving her what she wants.
  • 13:08:58: @3x1minus1 That's not to say that I wouldn't want to see it, mind you.
  • 13:16:37: How did the writer of this article possibly avoid making a Yogi Bear reference?
  • 13:17:21: @mshowalter I got a scantily clad lady with an egg sandwich head. I assumed it was Mayor McCheese's mistress.
  • 13:18:57: @heiditron3000 Do Airplane Jesus and Sausagey Jesus know each other?
  • 13:19:54: A trending topic today is "Person Should You." How do these random sets of words keep becoming trends?
  • 15:24:02: California, stop trying to let people VOTE on civil rights. There's a reason why you're bankrupt. Because you're STUPID.
  • 16:00:32: At least I didn't this THIS guy on the phone yesterday.
  • 16:30:50: If the third Jonas Brother were named Cheeriobed instead of Kevin, they'd have the same names as the three most prominent male rulers in Oz.
  • 17:45:47: Stats for the Parrot-Ox from "Paradox in Oz"

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