Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 08:07:47: I should go to pharmacy school, so that I could play in Ted Leo's band.
  • 08:11:37: @3x1minus1 I'd blame the Founding Fathers, myself.
  • 08:14:49: Why are there so many Hummers on the roads around here? It makes me feel like I'm in Iraq.
  • 08:15:42: One of the trending topics is "Camilla." Good to see the chicken from the Muppets getting attention!
  • 12:08:27: Why do so many people parrot arguments without really thinking them through?
  • 14:06:23: RT @kittysneezes Happy 83rd birthday, Stan Freberg! (I am certain he reads my twitter feed.)
  • 14:09:21: @eehouls What about Rufus Scrimgeour? (Not that the movie-makers have any idea who he is.)
  • 14:14:54: I don't want the world. I just want your half.
  • 14:37:50: Several more reasons I'm glad I don't live in China
  • 14:39:15: Why would anyone be pushing for universal health care without making it free?
  • 14:40:38: Why does the Obama administration's main technique seem to be making compromises that please no one?
  • 16:51:06: @TarynAria And in all fairness, that's probably true. I just don't think anyone should be forced to pay for health insurance.
  • 16:52:30: @kingsthings Just so long as it's a prison team.
  • 16:53:42: Apparently the Joe being supported in the trending topic is Joe Jonas. Personally, I support Joe King and Jo Files.
  • 16:55:39: Not Bazooka Joe, though. And definitely not Joey Gladstone.
  • 17:12:13: Suggested Weekly World News headline: "Jupiter Jack possessed by ghost of Billy Mays."
  • 17:55:45: My most recent word verification is "tomaties."

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