Nathan (vovat) wrote,

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 07:59:08: @renlong Just don't leave them clothes, or they'll never come back!
  • 08:33:57: I wonder if @alyankovic's hatred for Ben Affleck is real or a joke. Probably the latter, but I kind of hope for the former.
  • 11:43:14: I suppose Rick, Dusty, and Buffalo Springfield are no more related than Laura, Jerry, and Blu Cantrell?
  • 12:01:55: @renlong Who's hot? Zooey or the bird?
  • 12:15:01: Why would I care about the Rasmussen poll? Who wants to know what the nation thinks of the crazy Mormon girl from American Idol?
  • 13:29:16: Speaking of American Idol, I hear they're bringing back Kara for next season, but aren't sure about Paula. Did anyone LIKE Kara?
  • 16:52:02: I can't really understand people who stockpile gold. They think that US currency can lose its value, but gold can't?
  • 16:52:32: The only thing that never loses its value is the scale of an adamantium dragon, and that's rather hard to find.
  • 16:53:13: Some Senator was on the radio talking about how you can't trust politicians. I wonder if he also thinks all Cretans are liars.
  • 16:57:59: @jlbellwriter Just so long as you're not confusing them with Snoop Dogg.
  • 17:10:00: I agree with Glenn Beck that gov't programs don't work. The one to let Glenn out of the insane asylum to save money was totally ineffective.
  • 17:11:05: There's a guy on Glenn Beck named Goldberg whose book compares liberals to Nazis. Yeah, a guy with a Jewish name invoking Godwin's Law.
  • 17:14:32: Maybe I'm just jealous of Glenn Beck. I ramble on nonsensically about stuff I know nothing about all the time, and no one pays for me it.
  • 17:29:36: @colleenanne And what will his next major be?
  • 18:15:26: A post on the Koopalings
  • 18:40:40: Albania is apparently ahead of most of the United States when it comes to gay marriage.
  • 20:23:23: @miscellaneaarts I used to use the Google bar kind of often, but for the most part I think the bars just clog up the screen.
  • 20:24:16: @willmatheson They thought it said "Privet Drive," and they wanted to visit Harry Potter.
  • 20:24:46: @TarynAria I actually prefer not going to lunch at a normal time. That way, I don't have to work as long when I get back.
  • 20:30:19: Now I know!
  • 21:08:48: Another word verification: "Chrysloin." Sounds like a name from a bad fantasy novel.
  • 23:33:14: @pshumate Is this a problem for you?
  • 23:35:28: "Corazon Aquino"? I don't know Spanish, but it looks like it has something to do with hearts and water.

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