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Been to Philadelphia the day it was closed

Yesterday was the last day of Elton John and Billy Joel's 2009 tour, and bethje and I saw them at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia (where the Phillies play). It's weird, because my family had a fair number of Billy Joel albums, and I wasn't as familiar with Elton's work when I was young. Beth, however, is a big fan of Elton, and she introduced me to some of his lesser-known songs. Anyway, the concert was pretty good, and we got our money's worth. It lasted for about three and a half hours, first with both musicians playing a few songs together, then a set from Elton, a set from Billy, and a few more songs played together. While Elton mostly just played one song after another, Billy decided for some reason that he wanted to use up part of his time by having a roadie play "Highway to Hell" (because THAT'S what we all came to see, right?), and playing the national anthem when talking about how one of his band members had recently emigrated from Australia to the United States. A good number of people actually stood up during that last bit, because apparently we're supposed to think this guy moving was something worth saluting. Billy has some cool music, but his attitude often seems rather over-the-top to me, like he's overcompensating for something. Anyway, I did like that there were no intermissions or encores or anything, just one song after another. Not surprisingly, they closed the show with "Piano Man," and the lady next to me tried to force us to stand up (which we didn't). Actually, there were quite a few crazy audience members near us, including a guy behind us who sang along loudly and badly to every Billy Joel song (but, for some reason, apparently left early).

After the show, it literally took an hour to find my car. I don't think the lot where I parked was marked, and there were too many false positives along the way. But we finally found it and came home, where I proceeded to have some rather messed-up dreams. In one, Beth and I went to see a free concert at what I guess was a nursing home. There was also one where I was with my mom at some open mic thing, and some guy who claimed to be a convicted rapist and to have been in prison twice kept talking to us. My mom gave him a ride to the end of the driveway, but then made him get out. And I think it might have been in the same building's parking lot that I was with my dad and a bunch of other people, and someone had sabotaged the car, spraying the windows with some kind of toxin. Fortunately, we had people there who could decontaminate it, but I was still scared to ride in it. And in another dream I was hanging out with some old lady with extra nostrils, which deeply disturbed me even in the dream itself.
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