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From Twitter 08-04-2009

  • 02:23:12: So do the Blue Dogs in Congress walk around with nerdy rock musicians on their backs? Because that's what I've been led to believe.
  • 02:27:34: Does being elected to public office automatically make people greedy, or what? It just seems like lobbyists are pretty much invincible.
  • 02:28:45: Is it really so hard to get re-elected that you NEED to accept shitloads of tainted money?
  • 02:34:31: I just looked up Max Azria, and found that his design company is called BCBGMAXAZRIA. Looks like a spam header to me.
  • 02:36:05: If I ever write a post on the Russian Oz books, I'll have to remember to use the title "Strasheela Take a Bow."
  • 02:46:42: When people use the expression "seeing things," don't they really mean "seeing non-things"?
  • 13:30:36: If @colinmeloy is singing with a faux British accent, why does he consider it acceptable to use the American pronunciation of "aluminum"?
  • 13:43:59: @Clamanity I don't know that I'd want to rock my soul in the bosom of someone who was willing to sacrifice his own son.
  • 13:45:25: @DVDBoxSet Hey, "The Passion of the Christ" was the same way.
  • 13:46:54: @colleenanne Not if they actually use the expression "seeing things," do they?
  • 13:47:51: @michaelianblack Well, they kill porpoises for no apparent reason, which might mean they're worse than sharks.
  • 13:48:56: @twobitme Garlic ice cream? Are you having Mario over?
  • 13:51:15: I just found out that, according to his birth certificate, Obama was actually born in Ozamaland.
  • 13:52:16: I have to wonder if he was brought to Hawaii by the Umbrellaphant.
  • 13:59:23: The world is not ready for a bottomless swimsuit.
  • 13:59:45: Slap a ham on Omaha pals.
  • 15:57:58: So Bill Clinton was able to get those two imprisoned journalists pardoned? I see Willy is still as slick as ever!
  • 17:02:35: So the North Koreans finally released Ling-Ling the Panda?
  • 17:36:52: What advantage does Tumblr have over other blogging sites?
  • 17:41:58:
    The Oz characters in 25 different styles
  • 17:43:18: Why is it so common for people to draw the Tin Woodman looking like the Iron Giant?
  • 17:58:52: "Wicked" was all right, but it bothers me that people who have no interest in the actual Oz books are reading it.
  • 18:30:36: The one haircut that the Woozy hates most is a Krizzle-Crewcut.
  • 18:31:16: @jlbellwriter I don't know that I've seen him riding a horse, so he's probably not from Amaland.
  • 18:32:49: @miscellaneaarts Which ones?
  • 18:33:38: @TarynAria Yeah, that bothers me, too. Come on, silver shoes look elegant! Red shoes look trampy!
  • 18:34:40: @colleenanne Maybe it's punishment for when you angered Poseidon.
  • 18:35:31: @NowIsStrange Maybe it's slang for heroin or cocaine.
  • 19:13:36: Maybe I should stop lying down to read. It's been making me fall asleep.
  • 20:11:15: @TheRealTavie I'd say it depends on the kind of cake or pie, wouldn't you?
  • 20:52:45: I think Steve Doocy might be the evil doppelgänger of Fred Rogers. Too bad he's the one who's still alive.
  • 21:08:35: I want to see the alternate ending for "Roger Rabbit" where he wasn't framed at all.
  • 22:20:01: If Obama's health plan is an attempt to kill old people, then what was Bush's attempt to overhaul social security?
  • 22:20:21: Come on, no politician wants to kill old people! They're the ones who vote!
  • 22:23:32: @JaredofMo Yeah, everyone knows fairies are extinct!
  • 22:24:17: @JaredofMo Maybe that's why they brought the Flit gun when Witch-hunting later in the movie.
  • 22:25:03: Joseph Smith wasn't really a very good writer.
  • 22:30:05: I hear that the Birthers are expanding their suspicions, and claiming that Springsteen WASN'T born in the USA.
  • 23:43:31: People say that everybody gets their news from the Internet and not newspapers, but what about online versions of the papers?

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